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Buffett's visit to China to visit four LED stock market a daily limit of

From: Data:07/08/2016

recently, Warren · Buffett fourth visit to China, becoming the focus of the market. Tuesday, Buffett heavily held by BYD once again limit, 15, continue to hit a record high of 37.96 yuan. Echoes with BYD's aggressive offensive, recently led, solar energy, such as lithium battery plate continued to be strong, Sanan optoelectronics, Desai battery, itvid lithium, Ankai stocks high continuously.

market speculation, Buffett regardless of more than 80 year old elderly traveled to Beijing, may be aware of some opportunity to come. From the industry of large investment in Buffy, mainly in the field of solar energy, wind power, new materials etc..

15, the new energy related sector collective rise, which, LED plate rose 5.40%, ranking first in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market rose two. Specifically, in the trading of 49 led stocks, 47 stocks rose. Among them, HC semitek (10.03%), rectangular lighting (10.02%) Moso (10.01%), Sanan Optoelectronics (10.01%), Shi LAN micro (10%), Hongli photoelectric (9.96) etc. stocks rise stop. In addition, GoerTek (9.93%), Yankon (9.76%), KingSun (8.60%) and other 3 stocks also rose significantly.

from the flow of funds see, 15 JCP has 38 led stock large net inflow of funds. Among them, 15 stocks of large single fund net inflow of more than 10 million yuan in, Sanan Optoelectronics (14154.50 million yuan), and Shi LAN micro (6413.50 million yuan), Tongfang shares (5124.81 million yuan) three stocks of large single fund net inflow of ranked the top three.

in recent years, China's domestic LED lighting demand increased significantly, while according to media reports, this year the government has clearly defined LED lighting promotion program. National semiconductor lighting industry plan, 2015 LED lighting output value of up to 180 billion yuan.

in this regard, Golden State Securities said benefit from the acceleration of backlight industry chain transfer and start demand for LED lighting, LED industry will usher in a new round of big boom cycle, with the trend of LED lighting and mid-2013 at home and abroad lighting enterprises started by the price war to seize the market, product terminal price war will further stimulate demand, good in the upper reaches of the package and a chip enterprises; continue to good package and chip links, recommended Sanan optoelectronics, Jufei.