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All aspects of the LED drive power market

From: Data:08/08/2016

power market chaos swirling, to understand or don't understand people are added to the industry, good and bad, the entire power industry chaos!

a manufacturer strength

1 part is roasted seeds and nuts, these people without professional and technical personnel, by IC suppliers public version, commonly known as the extended IC demo board, slab in this market circulation, in particular, the board, usually the factory free, professional and technical personnel, or the level of technical personnel not.

2 part is a small factory, you can not afford a professional, with the board is absolutely IC supplier to provide the public version.

3 part of the strength of the plant, the price of a professional power engineer, the quality of the place, this kind of factory generally will not use the public version.

4 part is without power plant, by the name of cooperation, and professional and technical engineers power supply, product development, bridges, looking for an excuse to suspend cooperation and reap the profits.


1 part is the power of professional engineers, has many years of experience, familiar with the different testing standards, independent product design and planning, basic skills is better, the engineer will not to use IC companies to provide public version. Engineers

2 a half pot of water, just * * * not only in male version or painting their own poor, do not know how safe distance, the board level generally, problems do not know.

3 part is almost not how to understand, it turned out to be a PE technician up to do power engineers, no actual level, only with the production, no independent development capabilities. This kind of person can only use the public version! Any problems are solved by the power supply IC supplier.

4 part specifically help others to design power, the complete power supply design, sold to others. This is part is technical ability, the part is hunfanchi.

manufacturers of the manufacturing qualification

1 small workshop, what are the foundry, I am technical strength.

2 small factory, no technical strength, the patch, and the rest of their own processing.

3 small factory, there are technical strength, the patch in the outside, the rest of their own processing, there is a qualified quality monitoring system.

4 medium-sized factory, has the technical strength, has the processing ability.

four distributor

1 pure roasted, store or place in the majority of Ruifeng. This is the general quantity not quality, they are roasted, quality rely on others.

2 manufacturers have a store, a factory to support this relatively behind, there is little variety protection. But because of the retail spending and its store rent costs to be applied to the power supply products above, relatively speaking, the materials will be more general, but insisted that guarantee both quality and quantity.

3 manufacturer, without independent stores, this factory, in general, the good varieties, with price rebate customers, because no sales pressure, don't cut corners down quality to enhance the competitiveness of products, relatively speaking, can the quality better.

4 some unscrupulous profiteers, the pursuit of short-term benefits, IC companies provide male version, with the cheapest material, with the cheapest technology and program structure, the pursuit of a rock bottom price, the short-term may be roasted seeds and nuts are as a treasure to sell, but the last of the victims or lamp factory.

five power IC vendors

1 small companies, the pursuit of IC the cheapest, constant current accuracy and poor results, IC stability.

2 has the strength of the company, IC quality is better, IC price is also good, the quality is more stable.

six FAE company's IC strength

1 some companies, FAE's technical strength is good, is the experience of the engineers in the play, can independently develop and design products.

2 the vast majority of the company, its FAE strength is poor, no special technical strength, they have no independent development and production of products, only a short training, and then went on to do the FAE.

3 the vast majority of the company's public version, general experience, because really experienced people have fewer FAE also do it yourself to the drawing board, unless it is in some large factories, it may use a high salary of FAE to the drawing board.

4 the vast majority of the company's FAE, its wages are not particularly high, 4-8K between, there is the technical strength of the FAE, usually a monthly salary of more than 10K.

whether the public version, see the bottom of the walk line can see. If you can't find the exact same line on the market, the board is not a common version. Male version

IC solutions company, in the market very common, especially in Ruifeng, almost 80% are male version. Buyers cautious!