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China to strengthen cooperation in the semiconductor lighting industry to promot

From: Data:08/08/2016

China has a huge lighting industry and lighting market, national semiconductor lighting project R & D and Industry Alliance Secretary General Long Ling 16 here said China to strengthen international cooperation in the semiconductor lighting, to accelerate the development of LED industry.

to energy-saving emission reduction and protection of the environment as the main symbol of the green development has become the mainstream in twenty-first Century, while the semiconductor lighting is China's success in energy conservation and emission reduction. With the development of semiconductor lighting industry and the rapid development of LED technology, the application of semiconductor lighting in China began to popularize. China's semiconductor lighting technology and industrial development in the stage of rapid in recent ten years, the 2012 China's semiconductor lighting industry in the policy, capital, market driven by rapid development, industry scale reached 19.2 billion yuan RMB.

Fujian semiconductor lighting industry development, technology innovation is always in the forefront of China, Fuzhou, Xiamen is one of China's seven major LED industry base, Fuzhou, Xiamen has also been listed as "ten city lights" semiconductor lighting demonstration project pilot cities, the State Ministry of science and technology. Fujian to strengthen cross-strait photoelectric cooperation, currently engaged in LED production has more than 150 enterprises, the formation of Xiamen as the center, radiation, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou and the west side of the Straits LED industry base pattern, hundreds of billion yuan in output value, export products in America, Europe, Southeast Asia dozens of countries and regions.

Fujian Hongbo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a master of power LED packaging, LED lighting semiconductor lighting products research and development, production and sales of semiconductor lighting high-tech enterprises. In the field of high-power LED lamp lighting in the domestic leading position, in China more than 4000 semiconductor manufacturing extrusion body the top 15, and was listed as the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology key support cultivation of international competitiveness and the emerging LED industry leading enterprises. Chairman Mrs Yu sin told reporters, the development package Hongbo LED light source luminous efficiency has reached more than 160lm/W, LED lighting lamp luminous efficiency has reached the international advanced level of more than 130lm/W. She said that Hongbo will continue to improve the ability of R & D and innovation, improve product structure, in 2015 completed on the west side of the Straits of LED industry R & D, production and export base, building the China International LED Exhibition Center, to drive the LED chip, hardware, injection molding, tooling, electronics, optical devices, landscape engineering, decoration, such as related to the upstream and downstream industry development, build the international well-known semiconductor lighting enterprises.

the national semiconductor lighting project coordination leading group for former head of Li Jian, national semiconductor lighting project R & D and Industry Alliance Secretary General Long Ling,, 16 in the inspection of the LED industry in Fujian believes that integration of resources, create a favorable environment for innovation, fostering the development of strategic emerging industries, semiconductor lighting, is the important content of China's semiconductor lighting technology development "1025" special planning. National Semiconductor Lighting alliance, in the formulation of the global semiconductor lighting industry strategic blueprint for the development and demonstration project of global and the global training network construction of international industrial environment carried out extensive cooperation, especially in the enhancement of international joint innovation, enhance the knowledge of semiconductor lighting public, to an important role in promoting. Wu Ling said that China this year, to promote LED lighting energy saving industrial output value of an average annual growth of about 30% in 2015 to reach 450 billion yuan. Among them, the application of LED lighting products 180 billion yuan.