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LED industry in the end is swollen?

From: Data:08/08/2016

LED industrial how & mdash; & mdash; analysis of Shenzhen abolished the LED industry planning
leaves Zhiqiu, leaves Zhiqiu, Yela and Zhiqiu is approaching, autumn is approaching, autumn is approaching, autumn is approaching is fled Xi. From the collapse of large-scale backbone enterprises junduoli enterprise group to pass Topstar, bolunteguang vision and photoelectric several billion yuan level led enterprises closed again now Shenzhen abolished LED industry planning, Kanguan you, you LED industry colleagues, feel back hair is cool?
in mid March of this year, Shenzhen to the Shenzhen municipal government suddenly abolished a is being implemented in the Government Gazette form, announced abolished in 2009 March issued "on the issuance of Shenzhen City LED industry development planning (2009— in 2015) Notice" (hereinafter referred to as the plan). Shenzhen
Shenzhen LED industry as in the 1980s as a gold lettered signboard. In fact, but the Shenzhen LED industry, no matter where, such is wealth, high technology and future trends of representative, such as three representatives also has been brilliant, not wave hollow reputation, reputation is the LED display and led backlight, in mainland China is led display, from road signs, the organizations and the schools to gorgeous CCTV Gala everywhere LED display a brilliant light. But led my colleagues know that display is just an appetizer, LED LED lighting is the main course, but appetizer on for a long time, have to throw the head disk head again picked back to gnaw, entrees still no news, asked the kitchen how matter in the end, the always say, entrees immediately, to and fro several times, until Shenzhen simply even LED industry planning are abolished. Main course also don't know where. Planning of
proposed & ldquo; be built in Shenzhen national and global LED industry R & D production base & rdquo; but also set up to 2015, the annual output value of the industrial scale development goal of more than 130 billion yuan around are not much better, Wuhu launched MOCVD, a subsidy million, industrial backwardness of Jiangxi also million mu of Photoelectric Industrial Park, whether is the original leather shoes or toys to stem LED lamp, in short, as if as long as we can hand in hand with LED, there is a wealth of the GDP, local officials even not allowed to see industry development trend, but only to follow Shenzhen do wrong or not. But the today of the LED Shenzhen enterprises has not been done particularly large, billions of output value of enterprises, in land resources, so scarce in Shenzhen. Of course, the government will have a choice of merit, after all, resources are limited and must be configured to more efficient in the field.
Chengdu near the elevated as Chengdu Office Fortune Global Forum mainly face project, now also use high pressure sodium lamp as lamp. The reason is the high-pressure sodium lamp life long, and a long life is not led lights to settle down this?? This is even the end of the people have been out of how to mix ah. The reason is not led lights, but do LED lamp, with inferior products to Huyou people, others at a time when the can, even several times when may. But don't think that others will always be fooled, brother play but you, brother you don't play enough??
untimely, when LED lights at the beginning of large-scale general timely, we rush into, not long after met Europe's economic downturn, and government support for the LED industry merely lip service, demand exceeds supply, supply exceeds demand, the inventory of the whole LED industry look on the table, behind the price war is rotten cargo war, eat a mouthful of leave, leave a mess, overcapacity will LED industry will become the photovoltaic industry the second?
Xi disaster blessing lean on, Fu Xi disaster V moon loss and profit, the conversion of ups and downs but rules, at present predicament of LED lamp industry is pregnant with the rudiment of the new, it is without any doubt, led colleagues need to seize this period of leisure practice good exercise to benefit the internal organs, tube technology market channels a less, I don't counter attack in vain cock wire, afraid of no future??