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LED Display Indoor help the development of the information age

From: Data:08/08/2016

today is the information age, everyone is surrounded by a wide variety of information from all directions, the sensitivity and attention of the information has been gradually weakened. Due to the traditional media in this information era to break out of thinking, LED Display Outdoor and LED Display Indoor came into being. With the application of new technologies, new demands have become new, new forms of outdoor advertising continue to emerge, creating LED Display Outdoor media era. LED Display
Outdoor media and other forms of media complementary to each other, space and time blend, three-dimensional communication, so as to bring the maximum value of the media space and time integration of advertisers. Combined with the modern high-tech, with energy saving, environmental protection, bright colors, can display dynamic picture and text, a broad range of visual range and other advantages. LED screen advertising picture area, the visual effect of shock, can fully attract the audience's eye, is a new combination of media and technology.
Outdoor LED display in the at the same time, it is the effective arrival rate high advertising characteristics, such as the New York Times Square CBD core region and Spanish Square, row upon row of LED screen not only has the function of advertising marketing and large well-known enterprises in the world status symbol in the industry have the dominance of the enterprises can here broadcast advertising.
in China, 30 years of reform and opening up in the history of the world's largest in the history of rural population to the transfer process, thus forming the world's fastest urbanization process. The sustainable development of China's economy and the construction of urbanization and the rapid development of the modern city, and urban population and consumption ability enhancement, the prospects for the development of outdoor LED display media laid the social and economic infrastructure.