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LED display choreography set off stage "storm"

From: Data:08/08/2016

from the beginning of the Spring Festival in 2012, LED display in the background of the stage is applied more and more public recognition and favor. Since then, almost regardless of the size of the party, LED display will fully unveiled, and the changing effect of staggering, especially in government held all kinds of parties, rental display become popular procurement. However, in screen choreography unlimited scenery, the people's daily mercilessly expose screen choreography of extravagance and waste, huge dance production costs equally shocked. All the discussion on the LED display stage began to spread.

squandering gradually into the fascinating eyes, when LED display choreography side suffered compliment the other side suffered questioned from time to time, in the throes of LED display industry itself also is undergoing a transformation. Therefore, the rational analysis the current situation, as far as possible to face the problem, rather than evade the issue, try to solve problems instead of evading the problem becomes particularly important. To be sure, the LED display for the choreography of the development with the superior force, and this force will as time goes by more and more obvious.

1990 began in, LED display screen began to dance which, after a few years, LED display towards the Spring Festival Gala, and gradually plays an important role in the market. Especially in the 2012 and the 2013 Spring Festival evening show, the LED display stage has received wide attention and warm pursuit.

with the social science and technology progress as well as the people of ornamental requirements increase, traditional stage effect as manifestations of a single has been unable to meet audience demand, colorful, unique shape of the LED display screen choreography to become the new darling of. LED display is a perfect combination of technology and media, can give full play to the fantastic idea, make no apology for having become forces of the new choreography.

generalized choreography consists basically of scenery, lighting, sound, makeup, costumes, props and other; narrow the choreography is refers to the stage of the visual presentation, generally include stage structures, LED display screen, computer lights, multimedia and so on, and among them, LED display, occupy the important position, is the core part of the choreography. In the 1990s the world with the rapid development of new information display media is display

LED choreography. It uses composed of light emitting diode lattice module or pixel unit composed of large area display screen, the combination of many modern high technology of microelectronics, optics, computer and information processing, with environmental adaptation ability, high energy-saving, long service life, changeable illusion, the benefit of environmental protection, high sharp and so on a series of advantage. LED display not only high image brightness, contrast, colorful and dynamic display pictures and text, its active light hair, high range resolution, even at 100 meters away, visual effects with at home watching TV, has been widely used in the flow of people and more public places, roads, stage performances and other.

current and high refresh, high grayscale high-end LED display can not only meet the requirements of the human eye viewing various, and for high speed camera and camera are equally applicable. Therefore, it is provides the conditions for the use of display in the party, sports events.

1993 began in, LED display first appeared in the gala, and in 2012 the year of the Dragon Spring Festival evening show, LED display applications in choreography reached new heights. Relevant data show that this year alone on the stage art design spent 1.5 billion yuan, holographic LED display (the so-called holographic LED display, is refers to the three dimensional installation LED display, and with a holographic images can be realized) for the first time large-scale applications make this session of the spring to be late for 30 years the party held in the course of new high.

2013 snake spring festival stage, once again let the LED display a fire. The stage based Dragon Spring Festival, the year of the snake dance upgrade again, a CCTV hall opened multi angle changing stage. Although there is no earth shaking start, but obviously we can feel and new choreography to enhance the visual experience, not only the continuation of the dragon spring 360 degree illusive effect and more level, around the stage LED screen, patchwork, and according to each program is adjusted so that the stage presents a more realistic 3D effect.