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2013 LED display rental market dynamics

From: Data:08/08/2016

LED display rental market is an important branch in the field of LED screen application market. Different from the traditional installation and use of the LED display project, LED display leasing project on the quality of the product and process design requirements. The following Xiaobian introduce some of the latest developments in the LED display on the rental market.

a led the domestic rental market analysis

domestic LED display rental market began in 2005 and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will development to the peak, LED display rental market the rapid development of the four, five years; used mainly in the areas of large-scale theatrical performances, high-end meetings, such as large-scale exhibition, with the size of the market is more and more, the main LED display enterprises the rental market as one of the key development direction, 2012 a few big screen Market giants in sales and profits in a serious decline in the environment, attempting to use the rental market highlighting difficult. Therefore, the first in the industry set off a price war. Decreased screen body prices and many small business lease rental prices have plummeted by adding. At the same time in the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012 less than a year's time, the whole country to increase the lease with the display increased by 3. In general, the rental market scale constantly expanding, the capacity is large, but the rental price has entered a relatively small period. Analysis of

second. Rental display enterprise

according to the nationwide survey in the strongest leasing company mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, does not exceed 10, small number but influence in the industry, the industry benchmark. They have branches in many cities, both as a contractor and as a contractor. Among them there is a professional audio and video applications to solve the ability of a few. Due to the lack of financial strength, many small leasing companies closed down, or together to buy a rental screen used together with more.

Led rental screen development time is not long, just start due to the high rental display on the body's requirements, design and mold cost, market demand is not large, so most companies are reluctant to undertake such a business, then some traditional business ability is not strong but node structure design has the advantage of the company began to invest in this area. Later, with the rapid expansion of the market size of the majority of a certain size of the display companies have begun to compete for the rental market. Due to the huge market demand, now more than tens of millions of sales of enterprise almost all production lease screen;

. Rental display products development trend

specifications tended to standardization, the easy to install, easy to calculate area, such as * 500mm and 500mm*1000mm structure, is the domestic rental market irreversible trends, is expected this kind of structure products in 2013 market share reached 70%;

more and more high-definition: at present on the market use led the main screen and color screen is the main trend is to development of high precision. The requirement of brightness adjustable, control system for unity, in order to use and control in place; the generality of

enhancement: a multi screen, but when the main screen, color screen and floor tile screen is a direction of development, that is to strengthen the general functions of the product is the main development trend of the market for such products; quick installation

safety: to achieve rapid product rapid and precise installation; assembling mechanism with self-locking function, eliminate misoperation problems; simple

maintenance, disassembly and replacement alone: have the power and signal state self checking function, which can real-time display the power and signal working state of each product, when the product does not display, fast to determine the problem quickly, make corresponding maintenance measures;

light weight, thin body weight: a single box of 9 kg maximum thickness; Degree of only 7cm, or about a small footprint, saving space and transportation of the stage space.