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Policy to push the development of the industry LED lighting market is about to o

From: Data:08/08/2016

as the global energy shortage and electricity prices rise, as the fourth generation of green energy LED lighting more and more attention by governments, enterprises and so on. After state, the government planned policy, subsidies, promote the LED lighting industry development, LED lighting companies in the north and South in full bloom.

LED lighting market gradually opens, the country also launched a policy to encourage the public facility enterprises to transform public street lighting, public places lighting, government office building lighting lighting, in order to promote the popularity of LED lighting to achieve the goal of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

from LED lighting product price trends, with the development of LED chip technology, excess capacity, the state subsidies to promote, market competition and other factors, the price of LED lighting products decreased year by year. Through Roth, a marketing department who told reporters. Now, many manufacturers sales civilian LED lights, usually a quarter cut prices, each price range are in the 3% ~ 5%. Product prices to reduce the popularity of products, but also should be avoided in order to give up the quality of the product price and the market is