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Discussion on the price of LED display screen

From: Data:08/08/2016

Two days before the read coverage on the LED industry in the episode, "business news", from the report can see LED industry personnel on the prospects of LED industry confidence, also be able to see everyone led to confusion in the industry status quo of helpless. The business prospects for such confidence is based on the LED product itself practicability and national policy based, and now industry confusion helpless because of LED products blind and other reasons caused by the LED patent, quality, price and customer. Shenzhen Mai Rui photoelectric Co., Ltd. 13414464557 Guo Hongwei LED display is an important part of the LED industry, LED industry chaos in the LED display has been fully reflected. Uneven product quality, will inevitably lead to serious differences in the price of LED display, but also because of the quality and price of the dual factors led to the customer's LED display of the blind and misunderstanding. Customers often have to spend a large price but buy a poor product, often causing customers to ask for LED display prices rather than look at the quality of the phenomenon, which do not know the price of a copy of the truth. LED display price level and product quality is a very large, because the touch to the LED lamp bead chip, patent, technology and process, and so on. We all know that the weight of a LED display is mainly from the LED display panel point of view, to see what the LED display unit board? Plate element with various components, the fabrication process of the unit plate, mainly reflected in beads, PCB, IC, power socket, cable, waterproof glue, anti-corrosion paint. Material: lamp wick, package, foot lamp in it will affect the quality and price of LED display. Good chip package, the natural price of Dachang is high, the quality is better. Use LED display low price in the lamp will compare the difference. The package is the key technology of the bulb quality, mass production of Dachang, mature technology to make things naturally more reliable than small plants. PCB board: PCB board is a key part of the LED display panel, PCB board, the thickness of the LED display and the impact of the conduction and heat dissipation and so on. IC:LED display in the drive control part, it is directly related to the quality of the LED display and service life. High quality LED made out of the IC display price is naturally high, the quality will be good, the service life is guaranteed. Using low quality LED, IC display prices will naturally low cost, quality can be imagined. Power supply seat: there are LED display dedicated and non dedicated. Base for arranging the wires: a leg twisting socket, ordinary special socket and a glignment socket, prices of natural gaps, the reliability of the natural distinction. Waterproof glue: ordinary and dedicated to the use of LED display environment is different, they have a great difference in heat and cold resistance, the service life is also different. Three three paint: paint brush and brush, brush the coverage, quality and service life of the LED display screen is influenced.