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The wedding is no longer carrying the torch for LED screen projector ushered in

From: Data:08/08/2016

as in recent years, the pattern of the domestic projector market multi brand scrimmage is rising, making traditional business teaching projector product profit more and more thin, in order to seek the balance point of profit, all manufacturers have covered engineering field of the projector. But because most of the core technologies used by the manufacturers are provided by the two, the product homogeneity is also increasing. Today, manufacturers in addition to control costs, in the past to sell the model is gradually changing. Manufacturers began to shift to the solution system, to provide users with a comprehensive project projector solution.

at the same time, the manufacturers also refine the market applications, have to play the alienation strategy. In addition to product performance to keep up with the current mainstream market, the project projector application case display, but also by more and more manufacturers attention. Its purpose in addition to the agents and customers show excellent overall solution, but also focus on external publicity in a certain area of the leading technology, in order to ensure the status of the industry.

however, from the current point of view, the company is mainly to show that the company's main business, schools, monitoring, command, scheduling and other types of users to provide a full range of projection solutions. But these solutions are easy to imitate, manufacturers also need to seek new areas of application, so as to do the first step to grab the market, such as the wedding. Led two years

big screen is widely used in the wedding scene, we also added to the big screen feel the wedding technology content increased. Really big screen to make the wedding a variety of changes, increased the variety of possible. But from the perspective of the future development trend, the personage inside course of study thinks more optimistic about the & ldquo; projection technology & rdquo; and not only refers to the projector in front of screen projection pictures or play video clips. But the projection technology in the whole wedding video visual aspects of the more extensive use of.

led large screen is relatively rigid, it is subject to site constraints, there is a fixed size specifications, which determines the size of its screen, a high degree of limited. And the projection is more flexible, not subject to the restrictions of the attachment, you can play in the white background, can also play in the scene of the walls, roof, ground. For example, to the wall of the hall play spring, summer flowers, autumn and winter snow patterns and dynamic, changes in the performance of the four seasons, let all people are surrounded them. Projection seamless splicing technology allows the image to be infinitely extended, can be surrounded by 360 degrees, so that the visual enjoyment of a more full, exciting.

projection can be combined with links to create visual fantasy, such as playing on screen projection patterns, you can instantly disappear. The entrance of the channel by projection to play a carpet of the video, the channel from one end of the fast light to the other end, combined with the induction system, you can also complete the interactive effect of the ground. At the same time projection screen delicate, can be a positive investment, can, can display. It makes it possible for more visual design.

from 2013 spring wedding trends released this year, many exhibitors make unique significance of the wedding scene and big screen application also many involving screen output devices are applied to the projector product, it also represents a new trend of the industry in the future, projectors will also usher in new opportunities.

of course in addition to the wedding, now many cities ongoing new construction planning, especially cultural tourist attractions of the exhibition application to the projector industry has brought business opportunities, manufacturers need to seize the opportunity, to find a new breakthrough point timely follow-up, to move forward.