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The future development trend of LED display

From: Data:08/08/2016


LED by virtue of its excellent characteristics and market driven now by the single traditional heavy color, smooth transition into now easy installation, multi-functional full color display, color screen LED display, rental LED display screen, ring field led display screen, floor tile LED display screen gradually become the market mainstream products, won the user's favorite, also for the LED display screen industry quickly in the market occupies a place, now has become the new darling of the market.

enough exhibit LED display applications is huge, especially with the gradual development of the LED display screen, in every corner of the world can almost see the large LED display screen, in general to the world add color and each city beautification. Also received by the vast number of consumers at the same time, the LED display industry has developed rapidly, and has also formed a new stage of development. Concrete is divided into three stages:

1.led display practical new stage: LED display with the characteristics of environmental protection, high brightness, high definition and high reliability are becoming more and more serious, and on a stage, LED display market just to meet the people's needs, but in the LED display products is not up to the requirements, quality does not pass. With the development of LED display, and now LED products have a new breakthrough. At least for the last stage of progress. Has developed a series of completely different from the traditional light source products will be popular. LED display will be a larger and wider development space. LED display is not only beautify the role, it is more appropriate to make more appropriate people to work in life bit by bit. Now all manufacturers to fight is in the design and application of technology and research and development advantages.

2.led display intelligent control stage: with the continuous progress and development of LED display technology, led as the semiconductor industry, will take the high-speed train, to play its characteristics of high controllability. From the home to the office building, from the road to the tunnel, from the car to walk, from indoor to outdoor, all with intelligent control of the LED display system will bring a higher level of service to mankind. LED display industry will also be done by products, to design products, to provide the overall solution process.

3.led display alternative acceptance stage: the LED display product characteristics are mainly embodied in the high optical efficiency (energy consumption), long life characteristics of this stage is the early development of the LED display screen, so in terms of price, in the customer seems to have certain ratio. Of course customers have an acceptance process, customers in the use of habits and appearance of a transition and accept. Allow customers to understand the characteristics of LED display products, the selection of a power saving features such as. So that customers can easily accept its relatively high price, especially in commercial occasions, not to mention the customer is also the price of the second, mainly in terms of quality. So manufacturers now fight is in the quality of price advantage.

in summary />, LED display is in the rise of a high-speed development and growth stage, I believe near future, LED display application in more and more fields, also on the market will emerge new products of all kinds of LED display screen, at the same time as the prince will also send force, have launched a better, more convenient and more energy-efficient LED display for the general public.