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Summary of LED display industry in China

From: Data:08/08/2016

the majority of listed companies use capital market resource expansion of production base for LED display, construction led packaging production line, will aggravate the LED display industry competition, accelerate LED display industry integration reshuffle speed, squeeze the small and medium-sized enterprises of LED display and LED encapsulation enterprises living space.

three, LED display into the industry integration

LED electronic display industry has entered a consolidation period, the next few years will be part of the small and medium scale enterprises have gradually been eliminated. In the integration phase, there are technical strength and capital strength of the LED electronic display manufacturers are expected to borrow the strength of the capital market and the enterprise itself technology and channel advantages to achieve rapid development. The next 2-3 years, LED electronic display industry concentration will quickly upgrade. LED due to the

electronic display industry has entered a mature stage, so its market size will maintain a steady growth trend. Insiders expect the next few years, LED electronic display market growth will be maintained at 10-20. Future LED electronic display profit growth will mainly come from in the traditional printing, neon signs, billboards and alternative market and HD, 3D, intelligent multifunctional high-end LED electronic display market.

LED electronic display applications become more broad, economic recovery, in 2013 LED electronic display will be a technology and the market is a mature year. Technical basis and level of diversification

deepening and products

four, LED industry development new trend

1, product technology in China Sichuan Chengdu LED display industry should be said is quite advanced, major products and key technology and the international advanced level in the same industry to maintain consistent, but technology level is relatively backward, in product standardization, the whole system design, reliability, manufacturing process, testing means and has obvious gap with foreign countries.

LED device technology and performance continues to improve, electronic technology is developing rapidly, which for the Chengdu Sichuan LED display technology to deepen and improve the technology to bring a good foundation. At the same time LED display in all areas of social life has been widely used, the development of semiconductor lighting industry is more LED display industry brings a good opportunity, therefore, LED shows that the market development prospects are optimistic.

to deepen the connotation of technology, rich product system, product diversification, highlighting the advantages of leading products will be an important trend in the development of LED display industry in Chengdu, Sichuan.

2, the standardization of conventional products and specific areas of application of product specialization

related standards of publicity and implementation and promotion, will promote the standardization of the development of LED display products. Conventional LED display products, standard display and control system has been more widely adopted and integrated LED display products in the industry will account for the main position, the standardization of LED display products production and marketing, technical service and professional division of labor will be more obvious. In the field of professional applications, LED display products to meet the needs of professional application, will continue to enhance the professional level, according to the application requirements of professional products will expand formation led display of new products and new application areas, such as city lighting engineering of large area led display, stadiums and gymnasiums, LED display, LED display in the field of transportation and other. Reasonable division of

3, within the industry and new industry pattern formation

along with the development of technology and market, China led display industry will be in the adjustment gradually improve and reasonable division of labor, the formation of a new industrial pattern. In the whole industry chain, the leading enterprises in the production of LED devices and the formation of the backbone enterprises in the production of products, will re define the division of the upstream and downstream industries, highlighting the specialization of the division of labor and cooperation. May in the early development of the semiconductor lighting industry, manufacturing enterprise of LED devices and display products manufacturing enterprises specialization and division of labor with vague definition, but with the expansion of the market and technology products mature. This definition will become clear. LED with the

display industry's active listing and financing, capital strength into the industry for the enterprise to bring sufficient cash flow, prompting enterprises to expand production capacity, increase investment in R & D technology. Technology upgrading and expansion of the scale of the expansion of the LED display industry competition, enhance the LED display industry concentration, accelerate the integration of LED display industry reshuffle speed.