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Domestic LED lighting market development speed

From: Data:08/08/2016

“ domestic dispensing equipment may be in the low-end market has a lot of opportunities, but the high-end market is mainly to import primarily, Musashi and ASM and other foreign manufacturers in technology is also in constant progress. For example, the latest introduction of a substantial increase in the import of packaging process LED modular machine, the mainland has not been able to do a home equipment manufacturers. ” Luo Xingliang told reporters. , packaging companies attitude made a dispensing machine equipment started late, but with continuous improvement of technology and performance has gradually acquired the recognition part, packaging enterprises, equipment localization rate has been rising. GLII statistics show that in 2012 the Chinese mainland LED packaging equipment localization rate of about 60%, in which the package of auxiliary equipment domestic rate of more than 90%. “ we used the dispenser is Musashi, has now replaced the Zhongshan male nano company equipment. & rdquo; Shenzhen anplight Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Wu Xianghui to reporters said, from the point of view of the present situation, the basic properties of domestic dispenser equipment has been reached, with Musashi dispensing equipment, compared with no much difference. & ldquo; the in packaging production line, domestic and imported dispensing equipment are in use, lamp series packaging line are full automatic domestic equipment, in terms of speed, automation and efficiency has gone beyond the imported equipment, and in a SMD package line is used is Musashi semi - automatic point gum machine. & rdquo; Shenzhen xingguangbao Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Zhu Xihe expresses to the reporter, domestic dispensing equipment in a good rate is not enough, so relatively high-end products SMD package line or the use of imported equipment. High price of domestic dispenser equipment although has won the favor of the majority of small and medium enterprises, but domestic mainstream packaging manufacturers to does not seem to be too cold, even in the presence of certain prejudices. “ current dispensing all of our packaging production line used are imported, basically not used domestically. & rdquo; reporters in Shenzhen crystal photoelectric general manager Gong Wenxiang said in high power SMD and -- mlcob series products filling glue, glue of high stability requirements of, domestic dispensing machine in these areas still exist a certain gap. And Ruifeng photoelectric Chairman Mr. Gong Weibin, also admitted that domestic dispensing equipment although improvements in technology, process and performance, but in terms of precision, still less than the imported equipment. However, the REFOND optoelectronics packaging line has begun to small batch using the domestic dispensing machine, accounted for about 30% of the number of all packaging equipment companies. & ldquo; one of our main business is led back light source, the dispensing accuracy requirements are very strict, domestic dispensing equipment performance is not up to the requirements. Of course, if there is a domestic dispensing equipment to provide us with trial, we are still very happy. ” serious homogenization go bad? & ldquo; we have to Teng Sheng dispensing machine and imported equipment were tested from the point of view of test data, the accuracy of our equipment can reach 95% of the imported equipment with the money about, and in terms of efficiency has totally more than foreign equipment. & rdquo; Teng Sheng Industrial General Manager Lu Guoming told reporters frankly, company's automatic dispensing machine price is only equal performance semi automatic import equipment 70%— about 80%, the basic price of two imported dispenser equipment can buy three sets of Teng Sheng in the same paragraph. Lu Guoming told reporters, in addition to several package listed companies still use Musashi imported dispenser and other enterprises have begun to use of domestic equipment. Especially last year domestic automatic white dispenser equipment on the market, import a semi automated dispensing equipment or will gradually fade out the stage of history. & ldquo; a Musashi semi automatic dispensing machine price is about 16 million yuan, the efficiency of the fastest is per hour 15-18K, and a domestic automatic dispensing machine equipment price about for 20 million yuan, per hour can reach 60K, efficiency is four times that of the former, and Musashi automatic equipment but need to to 70 million yuan. & rdquo; Lu Guoming expresses to the reporter, within the next two years, domestic dispensing equipment high price will stimulate or the rapid growth of market share, domestic dispensing equipment spring has quietly come. A LED Industry Research Institute is expected in 2013 China LED packaging equipment market size will reach 9 billion 800 million yuan, the growth rate will be higher than in 2012, reaching 14%, is the fastest growing in the past three years, one year. Among them, the replacement of the market will become the main driving force to boost the overall market growth. However, for the domestic dispenser market prospect, Sweeney's general manager Zhang Baoguan and Lu Guoming have expressed different views. & ldquo; domestic dispensing equipment, while more and more mature in technology, but now products homogenization phenomenon is also getting more and more serious. & rdquo; & ldquo; the next two years, domestic dispensing equipment may will reach a short the market peak, especially last year, China packaging equipment capacity utilization rate has reached 60% - 70%, can basically meet the current market demand. ” Zhang custody said that any product has a life cycle, dispensing equipment is the same, the boom bust. The next few years, with the flip chip technology has gradually become mature, the domestic market may be slowly dispensing to atrophy.