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The compatibility also reflects when the industry of LED roaring wait-and-see at

From: Data:08/08/2016

2010 years, many small and medium enterprises rush into the LED chip production and development and export. At that time, Li Yiqiang cautiously optimistic about the LED trend. Therefore, rongwen group in pushing the material management system networking intelligent street lamp, lamp and LED are compatible with mentioned two techniques. Obviously, technology compatibility also reflects when the industry of LED roaring wait-and-see attitude. This attitude slowly changed last year.

Li Yiqiang said that a few years ago, there are a lot of experts stand out to question the quality of LED lighting products, but this year, however, rarely heard the sound of controversy. & ldquo; technology maturity of LED lighting products prices fall, basically the same as the current cost of production and the traditional sodium lamp, market demand continues to expand. ” for a few years ago, Guangdong's LED development strategy, the evaluation of the industry can not be separated from “ radical ” “ action too fast ”. There is even the view that, at the time of the technical conditions are not ripe, not ready to launch products, but also to some companies bear the product quality but hard to dispute.

“ if I did in 2008, must be very miserable, now in the Songshan Lake will not see the rongwen. ” Li Yiqiang bluntly, at present, Li Yiqiang has established a cooperative relationship with more than one town street, this year plans to transform about 100 thousand street lights in the city, a total investment of about 300 million yuan. And as the country's strict bidding norms, Li Yiqiang also won the bid in Foshan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan and other places of the project, and even opened the Zhejiang market.

Yi Qiang Li, for example, compared with the prior to LED lighting remaining concerns different, last year RONG Wen group keen feel policy changes according to the Guangdong Province issued "to promote the use of LED lighting products of the implementation of the programme", by the end of 2013, Dongguan Road, branch, residents living in the area of LED street lamp lighting rate of 100%.

there is a view that the policy is the regulation of the short arm. From the trend, LED lighting industry exactly is to catch up with the policy of the accidental or the outbreak of the market the inevitable stage, a new round of impetuous or rational return? The reporter found in the interview, on the LED lighting technology mature gradually become the consensus of the industry. This turning point is from the beginning of this year, LED lighting into the mature period, the price began to reflect.

“ the government will take out the resources of the public sector, expanding the market demand for LED products. ” Li Yiqiang said, “ I think the time has come, this time to push the application of LED lighting is correct, the enterprise must also keep up with the pace of the government. ” last year, the group made a clear strategic positioning, the upcoming Internet of things technology combined with LED street lights.

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