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How to reduce the cost of LED display

From: Data:09/08/2016

file display, I believe we are very familiar with. Now go to the streets, airports, shops and other parts of the whole machine, the display has become an indispensable part of people's lives. And China is precisely the world's LED display manufacturers distribution center, currently has about 80% of the global LED display from china. With the deepening of market applications and popularization, LED display technology is also increasingly mature, but there are still four major technical problems plagued by a lot of manufacturers.

first, is a kind of high photosynthetic efficiency: for the effect of light on the LED display screen can be said is an important indicator of the energy saving effect, at present our country in the light effect results have yet to be strengthened, to really want to do high photosynthetic efficiency, from all aspects of the industry chain to solve the technical problems related. How to realize high efficiency? In this paper, we will discuss the technical problems of the extension, the chip, the package, the lamps and lanterns and so on.
improves the quantum efficiency and the external quantum efficiency;
improves the efficiency of packaging and reduces junction temperature;
improves the light efficiency of the lamp.
the second, from the point of view of high color: LED display screen color quality many, including color temperature, color color, color fidelity, natural color, tone recognition, visual comfort and so on. Here we only discuss solve color temperature and color problems, making high color color LED display light source, will loss a lot of light effect, so in the design to take care of these two factors. Of course to improve significantly higher color must also consider the RGB three color combinations to achieve:
multi color phosphor;
RGB multi chip combination;

fluorescent powder and chip.
the third, in reducing product cost: currently many consumers in the purchase of LED display screen feel when they are too high a price. Therefore, the dispute on the many LED display screen entrepreneurs have taken corresponding measures, methods and ways to reduce costs in addition to mass production, mainly from the technical measures to reduce costs, mainly is a reduction in the cost of epitaxial chip, encapsulation, drive and heat etc., thus fundamentally solve cost of display products. Specific from the following four aspects to reduce costs.
reduces the cost of the epitaxial chip link;
reduces the cost of the package;
reduces the cost of the lamp;
reduces the cost of other supporting links.
fourth, is from high reliability: mainly including the failure rate, life and other indicators. But in the application of different understanding and elaboration, high reliability refers to the product in the specified conditions and time, the ability to complete the required functions. Such failure of the main categories of serious failure and parameter failure, while life expectancy is characterization of the reliability of the products value: generally refers to the statistical average, for a lot of components, the service life of the LED device is the meaning of this description. But the factors that affect the reliability of the display panel are chip manufacturing, packaging, thermal resistance, heat dissipation and so on. Now comes this to enterprise of LED display products in the implementation of total quality control based, two requirements:

decreasing failure rate;

to extend the wear failure time.

these four points is reduced, the cost of this problem, now rely on the production of LED display manufacturers reduce the cost is almost impossible, the method to solve the problem is other manufacturers and suppliers join in to solve it. Such as epitaxial chips, packaging, lighting costs down the link, in order to truly reduce the price of the display.