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Cost calculation of LED fluorescent tube

From: Data:09/08/2016

the LED fluorescent lamp using surface mount lamp, the small power SMD beads, 5050, 3014 and 3528, below from the point of view of cost accounting to analyze --

3014 table lamp LED fluorescent lamp cost 0.23 * 140+0.018 * 140=34.72;

3528 surface mount lamp LED fluorescent lamp cost X 200+0.018 =0.19 * 200=41.6.

from the above can be seen with 3014 than 3528 saving (41.6-34.72) /34.72=19.8% and save this part of the cost compared to the plant is considerable. And similarly, the 5050 patch LED fluorescent lamp costs would be lower, but the single lamp is too bright, dazzling.

3528 can do 130LM/W efficiency of light, 3014 can make the efficiency of the light source 110LM/W, apparently using 3528 beads more energy-saving advantages. Some manufacturers use a large current way to improve the efficiency of the light source, so do tend to lead to shorten the lamp life of the serious consequences.

in summary />, generally speaking the LED fluorescent lamp under the same luminous flux, single lamp is bright is the lower the cost of; from the visual comfort, the number of beads reached 100 or more can, too many did not make sense. From the point of view of the current technological development potential, LED fluorescent lamp using high-power lamp it is difficult to obtain better visual effect, only the small bulb power, now also 3014 and 3528 two choice, 3014 cheaper, 3528 more power depends on the users tend to be more price still prefer electricity saving rate, after all, fish and bear's paw difficult to have your cake and eat it.