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LED panel lamp installation structure and product structure

From: Data:09/08/2016

A structure

1, a suspended type installed

: first in the back of the LED panel lights mounted on the suspension member, then connect the lanyard is can the. Consumers must pay attention to ask to understand the suspension component is the standard parts manufacturers or buy pieces.

2, type suction a top: first in the ceiling is fixed with a base, then the LED lamp panel on the back holder, and then the panel lights to press on to the holder of the lamp panel on the ceiling of the base card. Using this method is the best lamp size will be set in the decoration, ceiling decoration workers according to the corresponding to the size of the reserved space, to match, so beautiful, so that your room is full of modern sense, majestic, otherwise usually caused by lamp and ceiling cracks phenomenon, does not, of course, the ceiling of the room can also direct ceiling type installation of LED panel lights, the effect is very good.

3, the embedded type: first in the ceiling installation sheet metal trough, in Chengdu LED panel lamp back fixed a few pieces of outwardly projecting bracket, then into the lamp panel, sheet metal groove of the bracket and the ceiling on the agreement can be fixed on the ceiling. But because of all sorts of ceilings thickness a, so it is necessary to adjust the lighting surface between the support and the height of the, otherwise it will cause LED panel lights installed high or less than the ceiling surface.

in general, the hanging type LED panel light as an aquarium is the best lighting, and ceiling mounted installation is the most common and the most simple way. Frame aluminum product structure analysis

1. panel light


is led radiating the main channel, simple and elegant appearance, can ZY0907. The low mold stamping mold cost, low processing costs; die casting aluminum frame IP level can be a little higher, surface texture, the overall appearance, but the initial investment high mold cost.

2.led source:

led usually use 3528 beads, some people use 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 low cost, light effect is slightly worse, the key is its light guide dot design. 3528 light efficiency high versatility.

3.LED light guide plate:

will side of the LED light refracted through the network the light uniformly positive derived from, the light guide plate is key points for quality control of LED panel lights. Dot design is not good, to see the overall light effect is very poor, generally appear on both sides of the middle bright dark, or appear in the light with a light band, or visible part of the dark area, or appear different angles of brightness is not consistent. To improve the effect of light on the light guide plate mainly rely on network design, followed by sheet metal quality, but there's no need to first-line brand of sheet metal and superstition, qualified plate between the transmittance are almost the same. General small LED lights factory are directly buying public of the light guide plate, there is no need to re design, proofing, and many manufacturers use the public version of the usually quality.

4.LED diffusion plate: uniform light for export of the

light guide plate, but also to the fuzzy network effect. Diffusion in general use acrylic 2.0 sheet or PC material, almost is PS material, the cost of acrylic low transmittance and rate higher than the PC is slightly higher, acrylic brittle anti aging performance of weak, PC prices slightly expensive, but strong anti-aging properties. Diffusion plate in the installation of the network can not be seen, and the transmission rate of about 90%. Acrylic transparent rate of 92%, PC was 88%, PS is about 80%, we can according to the demand of the diffusion plate material choice, at present the majority of manufacturers are using acrylic material.

5. reflective paper:

will guide plate on the back of the remaining light reflection out in order to improve the efficiency of light, usually RW250.

6. rear cover plate, and:

a major role be hermetically sealed LED panel lights, generally with the 1060 Aluminum, have a cooling effect.

7. driving power:

currently has two kinds of LED drive power, one is using the constant current power supply, high efficiency of this model, the PF values up to 0.95, high price; the second is using the constant voltage constant current power supply with, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, the general use of the power supply is mainly export and other requirements of certification requirements shall use safety power supply. In fact, the use of constant current household power supply is very safe, because users are difficult to access to power, and the light body itself is safe to use low voltage power.

8. installation accessories:

suspended steel wire, installation bracket, etc. for the installation of fixed accessories.

price conversion

1. frame and floor

LED panel lamp frame and bottom plate according to different materials, the cooling performance is different, the price also has difference. The price of the 6063 aluminum section is about 50-80 yuan.

2. light guide plate and the diffusion plate

LED panel lamp production line (12) the price of about 60-80 yuan. The light guide plate is one of the factors that determine the LED panel light quality the most important. The use of light guide plate quality can make the finished LED panel light more evenly. Does not appear dark spots, water waves, etc..

3. lamp and patch

11lm 3014 is now on the market prices between 0.13-0.16. The lamp has stable performance, good brightness, low luminous decay, and color index is much better. 600x600LED panel light 360 light bead, probably is 53 yuan.

now basically all is with 11 x 23 or 11x26mil chip and beads patch about a penny /PCS.

4. aluminum substrate

LED panel lamps in simian in only four aluminum plate, the two sides into light has two aluminum substrate. X 600 each about 1.5 yuan about.

5. power

the power supply also affect the LED lamp panel prices the most important factor. Power supply is not good, directly affect the LED panel lamp life. UL power is good, performance is stable. The price about 53 yuan. TUV power prices probably in about 33. There are other CE power.

6. packaging

simple packaging words each lamp a few pieces of money can fix and slightly good point such as 10 pieces of money is four corners with a day to cover paper box, and a carton of shell packaging.

7. accessories

accessories foam pad, tape, wire, terminal, 10 general costs about 5 yuan.

8. artificial expenditure

day output 300 tablets. According to 1800 yuan /person /month, 1800 83019 30X10=600 yuan. Labour costs about 2 yuan /piece.

to sum up, LED panel lamp cost about 250 yuan - 280 yuan in between, if are a good selection of materials, cost may in 300 yuan more than the

power certification

LED panel light usually low voltage products, through the power to electric conversion for safe low voltage output. Is this LED power supply built in or outside? If from a structural point of view, is to see if the power is wrapped in the interior of the lamp. If this power is independent of the panel light itself, it is an external power supply. If the external power supply has been certified, it does not need to be evaluated on the power supply, only for the safety of the lamp test, so you can save time for certification.

if the power supply is the enterprise production, did not apply for certification, the enterprise can choose the power of the CE certification, also can be used together with the panel lights for certification, but need to do the power of random test. If it is a built-in power supply, you can only apply for CE certification with the entire lamp, and also need to do a random test power supply.