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Power selection of LED street lamp

From: Data:09/08/2016

many people often ask me such a problem, with how much wattage LED street lamp can replace 400 Watt High pressure sodium lamp and halogen lamp?

number of street lamps, to undergo a rigorous field testing, to achieve LED street light industry standards.

LED lamp features

- new design of light distribution of the reasonable control of the light, the light spot is rectangular, and ensure the ideal sign brightness and uniformity, eliminating the common high-power LED lamp and glare. The light energy utilization rate of high power LED lamps reasonable play, no light pollution; and the integration of the unique design of the lens shade, the lens array at the same time, but when the condenser and protective effect, avoids light repeated waste, reduce the loss of light, but also reduce the weight of high power LED lamps, and structure. Simple, make the products more thin; the first radiator and lamp case integration design, guarantee the high power LED lamp cooling requirements and service life at the same time, to meet the power LED Lamp structure and other arbitrary design;

- the implementation of intelligent monitoring module of each high-power LED lamp, precision constant current LED in the safety guarantee voltage under normal working temperature;

. Safety lighting protection system, ensure LED lamps in good working environment (-40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius) under the full LED lighting efficiency and long service life;

- LED Street Liaoyuan no adverse glare, improve driving safety, reduce the happening of traffic accident;

- light distribution for road lighting design, in addition to illuminate the road itself, no light pollution to the surrounding environment;

- no pressure, no dust;

- no heat, no shade yellow aging;

- impact resistance, strong earthquake And no ultraviolet and infrared radiation;

the technical parameters of

TR> Kelvin tr>
rated power rated voltage AC 100~240V
light type high power
die cast aluminum shell material
light emitting angle 120
color index is greater than or equal to 75
LED td> td> warm white 3000~3500K white 5000~6500K