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LED report: LED lighting industry needs to open, the terminal price war

From: Data:09/08/2016

The change of

this month: industry needs to establish overseas lighting lighting products, the price war began to accelerate the transfer and start the LED

backlight lighting needs to benefit from the industry chain, LED industry ushered in a new round of big boom cycle, with the trend of LED lighting, domestic lighting enterprises began in mid 2013 through a price war to seize the market. We believe that the price of the end product will further boost demand, packaging and chip enterprises in the upper reaches of the good;

we continue to be optimistic about the package and chip link, recommended target: Sanan optoelectronics, Jufei;

industry review

4 months Taiwan LED business revenue QoQ: a April LED backlight industry into the season, while continuing decreased LED lighting prices led lighting needs to start, Taiwan LED packaging business revenue growth of 9.2%, an increase of 29.4%, LED chip enterprise revenue QoQ 10.4%, the first chip plant to full capacity, some models of chip orders continued into the 3 quarter; the price war broke out:

terminal lighting products LED lighting market in order to seize the terminal market price war began, following Samsung and Cree were launched to $15 and $10 for the LED bulb, Osram announced that it will launch in June than in the European market 10 euro 40W to replace the LED bulb, and replace the domestic 40W type LED bulb price has been below 30, T8 lamp of large customer price has dropped to 60 yuan or less;

demand, LED chip prices: the first quarter of 2013 LED lighting chip prices fell by 6%-7%, with the two quarter the rapid demand to flourish, LED chip prices have stabilized, PSS sapphire prices go up about 5%, we expect the two quarter chip prices fell below 3%, the price decline narrowed to benefit from chip chip companies can profit Force gradually picked up.

packaging enterprises short term capacity bottlenecks, profitability rebound: a quarter of A-share listed packaging enterprise revenues grew by 30%, the overall gross margin rose slightly to 26.22%. With the demand of rapid warming, packaging companies began to actively expansion, in order to see degrees to the end of June.