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With the hot melt adhesive package LED, Japan developed a low cost process

From: Data:09/08/2016

Japan developed the use of hot melt adhesive (thermoplastic adhesive) package LED component technology. Hot melt adhesive bonding in addition to the original purpose, is also widely used as packaging materials and injection molding materials. Led in order to reduce the cost, you need to improve the efficiency of the packaging process, the hot melt adhesive technology is one of a people were optimistic about the technology.

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figure: hot melt adhesive encapsulating LED lamp
injection molding hot melt adhesive, and packaging. Lens of acrylic resin material. The lamp is part of polyamide hot melt adhesive. The sample has been on the “ the second high performance plastic exhibition ” (10 ~ 12 April 2103, Tokyo has a bright International Exhibition Center) on display. Has the following characteristics

hot melt adhesive: [1] melting temperature and viscosity is lower than ordinary resin, forming in the low temperature and low pressure, small electronic parts and components caused by the load; [2] as the use of packaging materials, adhesion, waterproof, dustproof performance high. [3] can realize electronic parts and components for insert molding, thus simplified assembly process, to cut costs.

can make full use of the characteristics of LED lamps and lanterns as the potential use of hot melt adhesive has been highly anticipated, but due to the hot melt adhesive in the LED photo thermal interactions will gradually turn yellow, therefore it can be used to for LED lamps and lanterns.

and propylene with a new method for the preparation of the

by combining Daicel - winning a polyamide class brilliantly hot melt adhesive and heat-resistant photostability of acrylic resin, solve the yellowing problems.

practice is another injection forming propylene resin material of the lens in the mold, the configuration has cloth good line of LED components and hot melt adhesive injection molding (insert molding). It can also realize the LED component package and shell molding.

in addition, in the most severe thermal environment, LED components and light emitting surface connected into the fine heat resistance and light resistance of acrylic resin, so heat and light of the existing hot melt adhesive is completely sufficient. Propylene resin and polyamide hot melt adhesive binding firmly on the chemical reaction, but also to ensure that fully waterproof and damp proof performance.

original technology is the cloth good line of LED components in the lamp housing, sealed in connected with the wiring coated parts of packaging materials and sealing gasket around, and then install the lens. Finally, the thermal and laser welded parts around. The development of the system can be used to replace the assembly of a piece of the complex assembly process, so you can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing.