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Composition of LED display system and its integration with peripheral system

From: Data:09/08/2016

with the rapid development of high and new technology in the information age, people's desire to acquire and display all kinds of information is increasing day by day. People pay more and more attention to all kinds of government information, related policy play form. LED display with a small size, high brightness, play a variety of forms of the characteristics of enterprises, administrative institutions, the preferred equipment.

LED display system is composed of three parts:

LED display system, data processing and control computer. The schematic diagram is as follows:

LED display system composition diagram

display screen is mainly composed of a display module, a display driving circuit board, a power supply and a display unit plate. The display module is a display unit which is composed of a pixel point. Light emitting diode (LED&rdquo); “. The light emitting diode dual color display with two colors: red (R), green (G). Through the control of two primary colors are 256 kinds of changes, each pixel can obtain 65536 color shades. By tens of thousands of pixels composed of the entire display will be able to show the rich color image effect.

display driving circuit board is composed of large scale integrated circuit and circuit board. To plug and display module is connected, as a carrier of display module. At the same time responsible for the drive of the transmission and display of data. Driven LED uses a dedicated IC display driver chip, with a constant current, each of the luminous brightness adjustable and other advanced control functions.

display dedicated DC switching power supply for the display module provides a constant, accurate working voltage. The switching power supply has the characteristics of constant voltage, and the output voltage does not change with the change of the load, and has the functions of overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat protection, and is the basic guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the display system.

data processing

data processing part is composed of data sending card, data receiving card and high speed data cable. The

data sending card is installed on the control computer, which is the interface card of the VGA display card to the big screen. Through the card, the data on the VGA display screen is transmitted to the big screen in 120 frames per second. The

high speed data transmission cable is used as the carrier of the digital signal, which eliminates the interference caused by the weak signal transmission, and increases the stability and reliability of the system.

data receiving card is received from a sending card for digital signal, the accepted information is automatically assigned to the Mr. big screen /each display unit, and to display screen provides complete all required control signal, so that the display screen can reproduce the level of rich, dynamic and strong sense of the picture. Through different algorithm to generate the control of the timing sequence. At the same time a large number of temporary video signals, and to screen scanning. The data receiving card ensures the authenticity of the color of the display screen, the smoothness of the movement and the stability of the image. The distribution of the components is as follows: the distribution of the

display device

data transmission card and the card is a bridge connecting the control host and the display screen. On the card using the United States LATTICS field programmable logic array (FPGA) MACH4, which greatly improves the system integration and flexibility.

control system

control system consists of control computer, DVI card. DVI card installed in the computer, the signal source analog signal is converted to digital signals, while dynamic display on the VGA monitor. Card

DVI structure diagram of