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LED large screen "in Wenling city on the stage take wings to itself"

From: Data:09/08/2016

yesterday, Wenling people miss Zheng broke the news: “ stone pond has a large LED screen disappeared overnight, it is said that the value of about one hundred thousand yuan. ”

a few days ago, and the head of the village of stone town invited to yuejutuan village performances, stage in the old society. In order to enhance the performance, the stage is added on a large LED screen is 2.5 meters high, 6 meters long, in order to change the background.

5 8 is the last night of the show. The person in charge of yuejutuan Dai introduction, after the end of the show is 9 in the evening, the stage was demolished after midnight.

“ this LED display is our rent, the other party also sent a staff to help install the demolition. ” Mr. Dai said that the night on whether to display lighting accompanied by peals of thunder, will be removed, he and the staff also had a few words. Finally, in the display stage.

can be early in the morning in May 9th, the company staff found that the display is gone.

“ I immediately contact each other staff, but how also can not contact. ” Dai said, desperation, he can only alarm. According to

, the display value of 130 thousand yuan, according to the lease agreement, there is a period of time.

Mr. Dai said that after leaving the sand village head, they also rushed to the other places performances, & ldquo; no display, our performance quality to sell at a discount greatly. ”

such a large display how to move? Mr. Dai said, although the big screen, is composed of several box together, as long as the screen is split into a piece of, put in the pickup can be carried away.