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LED outdoor lighting usher in a concentrated outbreak period

From: Data:09/08/2016

Guangdong Province, the popularity of LED public lighting policy into the accelerated implementation of the period. Statistics show that in the first quarter of 2013, Guangdong Province, 2013 1-3 street lights and tunnel lights have reached a tender tender, and last year, the total amount of tender. Industry experts believe that the outdoor lighting will become the first LED popularity of the army. At the same time, the reporter noted that the successful companies are mostly listing Corporation, small companies are difficult to get a piece of the pie, showing the LED industry reshuffle is gradually deepening.

reporter access - the world's largest lighting fair - Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2011 and 2012 exhibitors Journal of record found, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2011 exhibitors reached an alarming 2913. After a year industry reshuffle and industrial transformation and upgrading, a gradual increase in the degree of brand concentration, 2012 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition exhibitors down to 2653 home, and show the scale reached 22 million square meters, compared to 2011 increased 1 million square meters.

LED outdoor lighting usher in a concentrated outbreak period

outdoor lighting usher in a concentrated outbreak period

in May last year, the Guangdong provincial government officially announced the & ldquo; Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products plan & rdquo; for from the program issued Implementation, and the province's public lighting in the field of construction shall be by LED lights, Pearl River Delta region of the original non LED lighting products, before the end of 2013 to batch to complete the transformation. After nearly a year of deliberation, the program entered the accelerated implementation period.

according to the Guangdong provincial science and Technology Department announced the tender program, last year, Guangdong Province, the total number of street lamps and tunnel lights for the tender, but only 1-3 months of this year, the number of tender has reached. Quan Jian, President of the Guangdong lighting electrical association, said: “ the current number of tender is still only a small part of the popularity of the policy, with the further implementation of the policy of popularization, the follow-up will be greater. ” more than Guangdong in the promotion of LED lighting, under the banner of energy-saving emission reduction, local governments are to promote LED lighting as an important policy. pull led the rapid spread of

of Pan Wenbo said: & ldquo; popularity of LED lighting in the field of public lighting can play to demonstration effect, to promote LED lighting in the commercial lighting market popularization and open civil market are influential. & rdquo; at present, market of high-quality LED products than the ordinary energy-saving fluorescent lamp at least save electricity by 50%, government tender for the number of fixtures is million lights around, compared to ordinary residents of a few lamp quantity, energy saving effect and scale effect reflected is even more obvious.

on the other hand, the field of outdoor lighting on the performance requirements of LED lamps are higher, but also to promote the LED technology and quality improvement. & ldquo; a lamp to experience the test of weather and other weather conditions, can be said to be led lighting applications market of lamps and lanterns performance requirements in the field of the highest. & rdquo; Li Xuliang told reporters that in order to ensure that the street lamps quality, KingSun production each street lamp to experienced strict and long time detection experiment to put on the market. For the current LED market in terms of product quality uneven in quality, has a strong demonstration effect.

industry is expected, also has a certain size effect on the commercial lighting industry will become the market after the outdoor lighting market large-scale open. And according to the promulgated by the state to phase out incandescent roadmap, to October 1, 2016, incandescent lamp will withdraw from the historical stage, which means that a larger market size of the civilian market waiting for enterprise reclamation, outdoor lighting led enterprises have also to civilian markets extension.

boost industry reshuffle wave

is worth noting is that not every LED lighting companies are able to benefit in the current round of LED outdoor lighting popularity. Guangdong provincial science and Technology Department announced the tender results show that the tender bidding projects the majority of enterprises are listing Corporation. Such as KingSun season he has won the bid Guangzhou, Qingyuan and other multiple street reconstruction project, honglitronic won the bid Zhuhai Street reconstruction project. In addition to the high requirements on the performance of lamps and lanterns, pan Wenbo analysis: & ldquo; the street promotion for the majority of the EMC (energy management contract model, enterprises to advance funds, so the listed company to benefit more.

; &rdquo full health believes that the order of the concentrated display of the industry's further reshuffle. As a barometer of the development of LED industry, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition data also showed that continues to expand the scale of the exhibition and the contrast is, as of the end of April 2013, in 2013 the number of exhibitors for more than 2400, 10% less than the previous, but the choice of enterprise brand exhibition area has increased by 15%, the display to further enhance the degree of concentration of industry brand. Pan Wenbo said: “ this shows that the LED industry under the trend of polarization, the development of gradually return to reason.

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