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Promotion of LED Fujian and strive to popularize the public sphere in 2015

From: Data:09/08/2016

Fujian provincial government office recently forwarded the information bureau of the province on the "Fujian province to promote the application of LED lighting products" (hereinafter referred to as the "promotion of LED lighting measures") notice.

early this year, the Fujian Provincial Information Bureau released the 2013 information industry and information technology development in the province. Documents show that in 2013, Fujian province will promote the popularization and application of LED products to accelerate the implementation of LED billion industrial clusters, to fight for the introduction of the Fujian Province, the application of LED lighting products to promote the views of.

"to promote the introduction of LED lighting measures", but also in Fujian province to promote LED lighting an important measure. This measure is also on the LED lighting products to promote the application of the results of a particularly significant demonstration counties (cities, districts), by the provincial government to give incentives. according to the notice, Fujian Province and strive to before the end of 2015, the basic realization of LED lighting products are widely used in the field of public lighting, the province's an aperture of lighting energy saving more than 50%, to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions 40 million tons, driven by the province LED industry year production value of 500 million yuan.