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LED light business orders continue to

From: Data:09/08/2016

Nanjing Chen home decoration into the second half, to buy lights put on the agenda, and the designer's proposal, use LED lights, energy-saving, long life, light no ghosting, some personality style lamps only the use of LED lamps, these apparent advantages make Mr. Chen not hesitate to choose the LED.

current Jiezhuang market, more and more people choose LED lamp as the light source. According to the introduction of a designer in Nanjing now mainstream lighting in the home decoration is the energy-saving lamps and the LED lamps, although prices led lights to than the ordinary energy-saving lamps expensive, but the advantages of LED is apparent also, his hand customers, 80% will be choose LED as the light source.

in addition to the home LED lighting, this year the government gradually clear LED lighting promotion program. This year, Guangdong Province, LED street lamps installed capacity will grow nearly 4 times to 1 million 100 thousand, the Beijing subway project in 2015 to complete the transformation of 100 thousand LED street lights, Jiangxi, Fujian and other places have also been introduced. National semiconductor lighting industrial planning, said in 2015 LED lighting output value of 180 billion.

current, LED manufacturers in order to expand the market share, from the price and performance aspects are doing to speed up improvement. Following Samsung, Cree were released at the price of less than 15 and 10 LED light bulbs, OSRAM also announced that it will launch in June this year, 10 euros below the product, to stimulate consumer purchase intentions.

LED this year, the strong trend in the development of domestic LED listed companies orders continued. Sanan Optoelectronics in a quarterly report said the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anhui Sanan optoelectronics Co., Ltd production capacity release, with the significantly improved rate of market share, is expected late company sales revenue will be further improved. Net profit of LED sub industry classification from the application of the industry, the first quarter of this year, 20 companies net profit grew by an average of 15.13%, while last year's annual report showed a net profit fell by an average of 27.28%. KingSun report shows that last year net profit fell 15.56%, while the first quarter of this year surged to 30.79%.

results to enhance the share price rise. LED yesterday, the sector average rose 2.91%, the Jiawei shares rose 9.14%, Jufei record 16.75 yuan. And since April, the entire plate up to 12.88%, the poly optical fly 42.35% or.