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The use of LED cultivation of tea: area yield increased by ten times the annual

From: Data:09/08/2016

in Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan within the territory of the tea factory system mode of production with others is not the same, here is red and green LED lamp of tea seedlings were no pesticide plants. Because of the success of such plant factory concept, a year can harvest ten times.

this year 44 year old Noguchi Futaro, general manager of said, he from two and a half years ago began to explore the new method of cultivation, & ldquo; I have been pondering whether to assisting the the industry through the technology of cultivation, let farmers production more efficient, not only look at the meal of the day, even in the future to become a new production model. & rdquo;

this plant factory LED lighting 24 hours uninterrupted temperature and keep 22-23 degrees Celsius degrees, again plus because it is an indoor cultivation, no need to worry about problems caused by bacteria and pests, in cultivating process without the use of pesticides. In addition, tea water and nutrients from the seedbed of automatic spraying device.

Noguchi Futaro /> usually tea a year can harvest three times (Shijiazhuang Jiamei lighting), but through the assistance of LED lights, nurture the growth rate can reach up to six times the original, a year can be harvested tea ten times. This method of cultivation from the influence of seasonal changes, the harvest of tea throughout the year can produce tea dishes of raw materials.