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Environmental awareness enhanced behind LED is expected to usher in the explosiv

From: Data:10/08/2016

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of material life people's awareness of environmental protection has been enhanced. Many years ago, the world's natural foundation began to advocate “ earth hour ” activity, but the activity in the past two years or subject to some questions. In fact, now with the popularity of LED lighting has been a solution. According to media reports, if the LED lighting technology to replace the traditional lighting bulbs, only to save electricity consumption, it can in a short period of 20 years to reduce the world's carbon dioxide emissions by 50%. Thus, the popularity of LED lighting is an effective measure to promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

“ lights & rdquo; as & ldquo; lamp replacement & rdquo;

today, home, shopping malls, hotels and other places of the main lighting by fluorescent lamps and ordinary energy-saving lamps, bold lamp , spotlight , halogen element lamp is not in a few, now, is let we to fluorescent lamps and ordinary energy-saving lamps , for example, specific see LED lighting energy-saving emission reduction effect. In the same brightness, 40W incandescent 25 hours of electricity consumption of 1 degrees, 20W ordinary energy-saving lamps 50 hours of electricity consumption 1 degrees, while the 5.5WLED bulb 181 hours only 1 kwh of electricity consumption. In that case, compared with incandescent lamp and LED bulb lamp, LED bulb lamp energy saving 80%, converted into “ earth hour ” activity, the equivalent of 8 hours to rest on the earth.

then assume that two shopping malls need to install 500 fluorescent lamps, in the same brightness, the use of 18WLED fluorescent lamp and 40W traditional fluorescent lamp, respectively. Working 12 hours a day, a year later, using LED fluorescent lamp of shopping malls consumption is 39420, while using traditional fluorescent lamp and shopping malls power amounted to 98550, 2.5 times higher power consumption, more consumption the limited resources of the planet.

in addition to energy conservation, the environmental advantages of LED lighting is also very obvious. Traditional lamps contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances, pollution of the environment, and LED lighting is a pure green light source. Moreover, the LED lamp life of up to 40 thousand hours or more, even if the end of the service life, but also can be recycled, these are the traditional lamps unparalleled advantage.

obviously, compared to & ldquo; Earth Hour & rdquo; every year only one hour lights out operations, perennial LED lighting, can in the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions, green , low carbon environmental protection on the road to go farther. To this end, the world natural foundation in advocacy “ earth hour “ activities at the same time, more to the global people put forward a new type of LED lighting products. In order to fulfill the promise of green environmental protection with practical action, the popularity of LED lighting must speed up. Now in the field of lighting, the industry generally believe that: LED lighting to replace the incandescent and energy-saving lamps will eventually be the general trend, the future of the field of lighting is bound to be the world of LED.

LED is expected to usher in the explosive growth of

due to the LED industry optimistic, many companies are involved in this field, at present, there are about 10 A shares of listing Corporation with a clear LED concept. 2012 is a year of ups and downs in the development of the LED industry, despite the international macroeconomic situation remains volatile, the domestic industry investment situation is still grim, but all aspects of China's LED industry still maintained a certain growth rate. According to the survey, most of the industry in the LED industry are optimistic about the overall growth outlook for 2013.

first of all, the policy environment has become the main driving force for the development of the current stage of the industry.

in recent years, the national policy has been tilted to the application side, coupled with the rapid growth of China's LED market, at present, China has become a huge potential for the application of semiconductor lighting and the world's most concerned about the market. Application demonstration project and other favorable policies to boost for application and popularization of the next step of LED products leading the direction, but also to the development of semiconductor lighting industry in China sustained momentum in the market and the policy of two wheel drive. Recently, there have been media reports, Guangdong Province, the popularity of LED public lighting policy to accelerate the implementation of the implementation period. Data show that in the first quarter of 2013, Guangdong Province, street lamps and tunnel lights have reached a tender tender, and last year, the total amount of the tender before the lights, outdoor lighting has become the first LED popularity of the army.

second, investors gradually recognize the LED lighting industry is just the existence of structural overcapacity.

in recent years, the investment of China's LED lighting industry has been showing a trend of rapid growth, decreased significantly, and the application of investment has significantly improved epitaxial chip investment mass, and thus become concentrated industrial sectors most semiconductor lighting investment, the package of investment. A lot of money into the semiconductor lighting industry, pushing up the speed of the development of the industry, also sparked fears of overheating investment, with the adjustment of investment structure in 2012, China's semiconductor lighting industry more prominent application areas of competitive advantage, to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of China's semiconductor lighting industry.