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Accelerated penetration of low quality products affect the popularity of LED lig

From: Data:10/08/2016


lighting continues to develop so that the price of the product will fall. Gradually close to the people of the price to accelerate the penetration of LED lighting, but also brings a problem.

LED product prices fell, resulting in some manufacturers in order to keep the profits in the competition and not hesitate to reduce the quality of the products, using inferior components to the production of products, a serious impact on consumer acceptance of such, hinder the popularity of LED lighting.

with the sharp decline in the price of LED lighting products, LED Universal Lighting era will gradually come. According to the latest LED lighting retail price survey, in 2013 the global regional market led lighting prices in March showing a steady downward trend global replace 40W LED lighting retail price fell 3.9%, and replace 60W LED lighting global average fell 6.5%, and in the Chinese market prices of local brands lighting especially replace 40W commodities continue to maintain low prices. With energy-saving fluorescent lamps spread more and more close to the trend of consumers to choose more energy-efficient LED lights to further enhance, LED lighting will accelerate the penetration of the market.

according to a survey by the research of GSC, led core parts in workmanship and materials exist a large gap, the service life of the LED difference, low quality, low price of LED products seriously disrupt the market, also make the LED products and high-end, efficient, energy-saving, next best alternative source of image industry shift, the consumer acceptance of such greatly affected. Especially in the export market, low quality low-cost LED lamps to become the overseas market for the general impression of China lamps, a serious impact on the overseas market for China LED lamps and lanterns of confidence. In addition, the compatibility of LED lighting products is poor, but also for the promotion and popularization of LED lighting added difficulty.

whether domestic or international competition, China's LED products are not separated from the quality assurance. Whether from the development of the industry point of view, or from the long-term perspective of the enterprise, improve the quality of LED products is very necessary. LED lighting companies should put their eyes on the long-term, pay attention to the development of the international market and the future development of the whole industry.