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Shenzhen abolished the LED industry planning

From: Data:10/08/2016

article author: Wu Yanting Zhao Ruixi release time: 08:47

LED in China's 2013-05-13 industry accounted for a pivotal position in Shenzhen, recently announced the abolition of the LED industry planning. The move seems to Guangdong province and vigorously develop the tone of the LED industry somewhat contrary. What is the current situation of China's LED industry? What kind of signal is released? And what impact will it have on the LED industry?

“ waste order & rdquo; at the end of the dump

2, the Shenzhen municipal government the decision, abolished in 2009 march on the introduction of the "Shenzhen City LED industry development planning (2009 ~ 2015)." The low-key government communique issued, did not mention the abolition of the reason.

and this is in stark contrast to the state is vigorously promoting the development of LED industry, the Guangdong provincial government even LED industry is listed as one of the three strategic emerging industries focus on the development of Guangdong Province, and in 2012 issued the "on the issuance of the notice of Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products implementation plan.

in the early 90's of last century, Shenzhen began the road of the development of LED industry. All the way by leaps and bounds, Shenzhen, engaged in the semiconductor lighting technology and product research, development, production and application of enterprises up to thousands, even bred a number of listed companies, created a myth rise.

"Shenzhen City LED industry development plan (2009 ~ 2015)," said & ldquo; Shenzhen has become a solar LED lights, the world's largest production and supply base, LED backlight global primary production and supply base, LED display of the domestic largest production and supply base, LED packaging and special industrial lighting the main producing areas. & rdquo;

for Shenzhen to cancel the LED industry development plan, an interview with the LED business operators seems to be very calm.

Shenzhen unilumin Group Co., Ltd., director of brand Zhi min Mei and Shanghai Boen WorldCom Optronics Co., Ltd. marketing vice president Huang new thought, LED industry is a rapidly changing industry, Shenzhen when introduced to the LED industry development planning in a lot of policy is not suitable for the industry's current development situation.

“ previously, Shenzhen to support led industrial policy although many, but the demand exceeds supply, really get the support of the enterprise or a minority, the vast most led enterprises are to rely on their veteran developed. ” LED listing Corporation vice president of science and technology Pan Rurong said, “ moreover, the abolition of the plan does not mean to abandon the LED industry in Shenzhen, a lot of supportive policies have been integrated into the high-tech industry support policies. ”

Pan Rurong believes that “ waste to make ” only affect those who rely on the policy of the enterprise, but this kind of enterprise in the LED industry, after all, is a minority. Therefore, “ waste to make ” although the entire industry will have a negative impact on the psychological impact, but this impact is only short-term.

and for export oriented LED enterprises, “ ‘ waste to make ’ almost no impact on business ”. Shenzhen City, Chi Chi Energy Lighting Co., Ltd., general manager of Jinsong said.

reporter visited in April 8th, Wan run technology is located in Shenzhen Guangming New District plant found that the production line is still full line started, due to sufficient orders, workers also need to work overtime to complete the order. And the company's new plant in Dongguan Songshan Lake investment will be put into use, is 5 times the size of the factory.

Mei Zhimin said, “ do LED eight years, this year can obviously feel the speed of expansion of production capacity to accelerate. & rdquo;

LED need

ZHAOFEI /> gave reporters provides a set of numbers: according to estimates of digitimesresearch, 2013 global high brightness LED output value will reach $112.9 billion, the annual growth rate was 15.8%, drive industry growth momentum mainly comes from lighting applications, nearly 30% of the proportion of the overall application of prediction.

from the professional lighting to decorative lighting, and then to general lighting, in recent years, LED market space continues to expand, involving more and more extensive. Because of this, the LED industry will become the next version of photovoltaic industry, operators denied all in one story. However, the LED industry does exist over investment problems. “ although the LED industry has broad market prospects, but the huge market in the future, to go step by step, but many investors think that the market is in front of a firm in. & rdquo; Pan Rurong said lack of threshold, the result of rushing headlong into mass action is overcapacity in some products, and some investors want to earn quick money, short-sighted, resulting in industry into the quagmire of price competition.

Zhao Fei said that in recent years, with the influx of a large number of enterprises, LED oversupply, prices fell, the industry's profit margin from the peak of 40% down to 5% or even lower, in particular, LED package has been close to zero profit.

Zhao Fei believes that the current excess capacity, is a natural stage of industrial development experience. With the further understanding of investors to the industry, the local investment policy rationalization, the introduction of national standards, LED industry will experience the three development stages of the initiative to withdraw from, and actively integrate into the passive phase.

Pan Rurong believes that the abolition of Shenzhen LED industry development plan, the industry is a wake-up call, so that we more calm thinking about the future development of the LED industry.