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Taiwan businessmen popular LED human light box to do publicity

From: Data:10/08/2016

, according to Taiwan media reports, recently on the streets of Taipei appeared a group of people carrying LED display to and fro, industry the introduction of foreign popular LED light box advertising, the light weight 7 kg, compared to traditional Kanban weight more than twice, the industry said in pick servitor, must be specially selected bouncers can afford.

the streets of Taipei has recently emerged as the vote was carrying a big box of plastic frame crawl out, turned out to be imported from abroad, the new advertising practices, LED light box advertising in the dark effect is more obvious, passing people still dealing driving does not want to pay attention to is difficult. Hide the LED lamp and the battery

LED advertising light box framework, although eye-catching but also let Kanban becomes heavy, length of 150 cm, width 60 cm led billboards weight 7 kg, traditional Kanban as long as 3 kg. The advertising industry said, “ so we try to pick them, height 170 above.

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