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Qinyang city to carry out special rectification campaign LED display

From: Data:10/08/2016

Qinyang city to carry out special rectification activities
LED display advertising is to find out the base, to fully grasp the situation. Held a special meeting on the city's industrial and commercial department, LED display advertising regulatory arrangements, and to implement the Bureau, the linkage and find out the LED display the exact amount and publishing location classifier is built paper and electronic account, do households, the background is clear.
two is a publicity guide, regulate the content of advertising. The Department of industry and commerce, according to the establishment of accounting work, to set LED display advertising operator or advertisement publisher and set their own advertisers, through the issuance of promotional materials, on-site guidance and other forms, to further standardize the advertising publication, prompted them to strictly abide by the provisions of the advertisement law laws and regulations.
three is the quality of service, improve the registration efficiency. Due to the LED display advertising release process is simple and convenient, the advertising content is updated rapidly, the city's industrial and commercial departments to take prior to the filing of the way, for all the use of LED display ads released a strict review of the content. In accepting the registration process, on the one hand, strictly examine the content of advertising, on the other hand actively explore simplify the registration process, shorten the registration time, improve the efficiency of outdoor advertising registration.
four is the acceptance of the complaint, maintain even bargain. The Department of industry and commerce, "while two station" accepted in a timely manner about false LED display advertising and cause of Shen (vote) v., and improve improve acceptance, investigating and feedback etc. working mechanism, so that the false and illegal advertisements get timely, rapid investigation.
up to now, the city industrial and commercial departments held a total of advertising enterprise collective administrative interviews 1, 16 pieces of check of LED display advertising, monitoring the content of the advertisement article 220, of nonstandard advertising content proposed administrative 6 pieces of advice.