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Taiwan enterprises menacing, speeding up the layout of LED driving IC

From: Data:10/08/2016

it is understood that the rapid expansion of LED. Companies have to compete for driving the IC market. Ching of Taiwan area. TSMC, contact electricity, Foxconn, delta electricity and other leading manufacturers to master LEDtT source and backlight module is a key component of the enemy. Competing in the deployment of ship under the LED theto IC factory.
in addition. In order to expand operations in the territory. Kunichi Cmi, AUO two panel of leading the layout of vertical integration have been from the extended led to the LED theto dynamic IC policy product science and technology continue to introduce new technology products, and voicing support for the brand.
data display settings, Taiwan ditch the whole LEDIW dynamic IC needs most amounted to 2.7 billion pull, shipments will increase 128.4%. with Taiwan IC design industry in the product technology gradually put in place. With superior supply chain flexibility and lower prices, compared to prison IC manufacturers to obtain stronger shipments. Therefore the estimation of 2011, Taiwan theto dynamic IC will reach 130 million children, compared with 2010 57.4 million Shuo dramatically 128.4% and is better than the same period of intercalated chip suppliers 52.2% growth rate.
, mainland led theto dynamic IC suppliers can since Hu?
the first Taiwan consumer rolling product of theto dynamic IC in the market occupied a dominant position. As chase price general. Search product will reduce the price. As long as the emblem down a little bit. Other customers will receive ', Zhang said the total current accumulation of driving IC in Taiwan River. And the domestic and foreign large enterprises led display have a figure.
the future market is a dominant or a hundred schools of thought contend. Hope dynamic IC market exactly who advocate ups and downs? Silan Chen Daiyong said. He ejector, in, local driving and controlling IC suppliers will be dispersed by gradually concentrated because of the. And with rapid increase in local LED display drive and control IC on the performance index of. Have can with overseas products phase ridge beauty.
he said. Due to the mainland IC suppliers have a good service and low price. In LED display screen driving and control city is expected to mainland China IC market share will be further improved.
for the Chinese market. National Semiconductor Asia Pacific region market manager Li Zhiyuan reference iSuppli of LED theto dynamic pre side of the IC market. In the global economy and electronic industry subsidence recession in the second example led theto moving device IC market, the rapid growth of, top meter in 2013, China LED market will reach $139 million.
industry pre Delta. In the next 3 to 5 years, will produce is intercalated bile formation separation of the situation of the leading enterprises.

5, the products of large enterprises rush
accumulation of science and technology: 16 bit LED display driver MB15035
accumulation of R & D low-power green product MB15035 to LED display manufacturers to use less power supply and fan, also because of the reduction in the number of fans, reduce the box operation when the noise, more suitable for indoor use. It only 0.2 volts low breakover voltage to theto actuator is not easily hot. Let's reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment, beneficial to enhance the service life of the LED.
market on the general LED display driver. About five to about three of the power consumption is consumed in the form of heat, resulting in a waste of electricity. According to statistics, l00 square meters LED display screen box if the MB15035, consume electric power will be reduced 35%.MB15035 using PrecisionDrive accumulation of R & D? Technology. The display color accurate and current uniformity is good. Mix picked up by channel time delay design can avoid the inrush current alternating. In order to reduce EMI. The packaging and accumulation of traditional MBI5024 compatible. Can be quickly upgraded to MB15035, only to optimize the design of power supply, you can quickly guide the energy saving display.
en tough Pu: new LED driver UBA3077
NXP UBA3077 by CMOS5) (power management (power management, PM) of the Cheng a specifically for the digital environment of high voltage integration design. The technology the perfect combination of characteristics of the power supply and complex digital processing and provide best in class performance. UBA3077
consists of three independent channels, each integrating its own boost converter and power supply. The effect of the additional heat dissipation caused by the application design of the LED phantom 'series voltage mismatch is not affected by the application. In addition, UBA3077 uses HVQFn4. Package can achieve good heat dissipation through PCB.
UBA3077 for boost converter and a power supply with integrated MOSFET and assist design personnel application size shrink and reduce the cost of external components. UBA3077
has a high degree of linearity and precision dimming function, through the support of low current dimming, can be below 1% light output conditions issued into the depth of run light, is conducive to improving the quality of the picture. With up to 94% of the effectiveness, designers can design through the UBA3077 more thin, low power consumption and heat better LCD panel, with a better contrast to create a more beautiful picture quality.