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Market recovery, LED lighting will welcome the summer

From: Data:10/08/2016

recently, a number of LED lighting industry chain enterprises in an interview with the Securities Times reporter, said the international market since the beginning of the year, the current order situation is more optimistic.

January is the spring dawn, February is the lotus just buds." Insiders describe the beginning of the LED lighting market recovery trend.

, in fact, LED downstream industry recovery has long been recognized by the capital market. This year, A shares rose in the LED sector. The logic behind the stock price rise is the performance of the listing Corporation to stabilize and rise.

according to statistics, 25 LED focus on the Shanghai and Shenzhen listed companies, the 2012 total operating income was 484.09 billion yuan, grew 9%, total net profit for 39.33 billion yuan, down 18%; in the first quarter of this year, the 25 companies total operating income was 98.88 billion yuan, an increase of 12%, total net profit of 7.19 billion yuan, down 3%. Industry size continues to grow, earnings decline slowed.

specifically, the middle reaches of the package as well as the downstream application of the company's net profit performance is better than the upstream chip companies, mainly due to the upstream chip production capacity is a serious surplus, low power and other factors caused by the enterprise.

China Merchants Securities in a research report shows that chip and package factory were involved in the full load condition, visibility of orders up to 1 ~ 3 months, significantly better than normal and part of the company even offered to give up the order.

after the industry expected market outbreak in 2015, and now I think the conservative, to advance to 2013." Limited by Share Ltd Linsen lighting division director Zhang Chao expressed optimism about the East China LED lighting market development.

in this regard, experts also expressed recognition. Beginning in February this year, LED lighting market has been very obvious signs of the outbreak is expected in the two or three quarter of this year will likely be a comprehensive outbreak.

while living in the middle reaches of the industry, the Philips Lumileds for this year's orders is also a steady flow, Asia market director Zhou Xuejun said second plant in Penang, Malaysia production base last year has started, but now at hand orders are still busy not to come over.