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Shenzhen city government suddenly abolished LED planning is worried about what?

From: Data:10/08/2016

did not publish any explanation and reason, the Shenzhen municipal government suddenly abolished the industrial development plan is being implemented. In mid March of this year, Shenzhen city in the form of "government gazette" abolished in March 2009 promulgated the "on the issuance of Shenzhen city LED industry development plan (2009 - 2015) Notice".

Shenzhen LED industry was once synonymous with China LED, the abolition of the planning, so many people in the industry feel that the industry has been abandoned by the government and cause a lot of speculation. Department of Electronic Science and technology, Shenzhen University, said Chai Guangyue, Shenzhen's LED is still the largest in the country, but the pace of development has lagged behind, it is recommended that the government to pay attention. Why


the abolition of the "planning" proposed to Shenzhen built national and global LED industry R & D and production base ", scheduled for 13 billion yuan more than the development goals by 2015, the annual output value of the scale of the industry. "This is the country's first LED industry planning, and now a lot of urban planning, a lot of are based on this," said Gui Shirong, President of the Federation of LED industry in Shenzhen city.

a good prospects for the LED "planning", why suddenly abandoned? In this regard, Sui Shirong said Municipal Development and Reform Commission are the main reason is the "planning" in the proposed some policy, especially capital and industry support policies, do not need to use the "planning", other aspects are involved, "planning" somewhat redundant.

this year 43 year old Feng Jun, Lighting Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yite boss, he believes that this is not entirely to blame the government, because even today, Shenzhen led enterprises has not been done particularly large, billions of dollars of output value of enterprises are not too many, and the development of the Internet or raw material such as Shenzhen identified emerging strategic industries, just a project are billion yuan, "this industry, in land resources, so scarce in Shenzhen, apparently government disdain."

excess capacity?

officials privately said, perhaps to make the government feel terrible or helpless, the entire LED industry has actually appeared overcapacity, and even worried about the LED industry to become the second PV industry.

Shenzhen LED industry began in the early 90 century, the rapid development of enterprises accounted for nearly half of the country, a country. Shenzhen one step ahead and many other local governments to Shenzhen "grab" led enterprises to develop on them, many led enterprises so out of Shenzhen and expansion, the industry as a whole is very impetuous and obvious overheating, but many enterprises because acclimatized and local government policy not to honor, a broken capital chain went bankrupt.

Feng Jun thinks, then rush up, just not long after met Europe's economic downturn, and the Shenzhen Municipal Government for this industry support "thunder is big, raindrop is small", the industry had lost the direction.

affect geometry?

suddenly announced the abolition of the planning, to the original experience of wind and rain, the Shenzhen LED industry, will certainly bring a clear pessimism. Feng Jun said, Shenzhen LED industry last year development extremely difficult, many businesses have closed down or relocation, this and a few years ago overheating and the formation of the distinct contrast.

but survived the 2012, Sui Shirong and Feng Jun an opportunity for all to see, they think the LED industry in Shenzhen this year integration, elimination and mergence phenomena will be more intense, well differentiated products will be more market. Although Shenzhen canceled the "planning", but the LED industry in Guangdong province is still listed as one of the three major emerging strategic industries to support, the overall policy environment is still good.