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LED plant in April revenues flowed in

From: Data:10/08/2016

business less busy month, May people times busy. LEDinside observed, the recent positive LED market is expected to usher in the summer ahead of the. The current opportunity, without delay, the various businesses are bracing and ready for a new round of market competition:

51 golden week, whose fat pockets?

benefit 51 TV replenishment tide, Taiwan LED plant in April revenue up rising. Crystal electric, gem circle, Lunda, due to the direct benefit to the trend of direct type LED TV, let the factory forecast demand for the company's backlight will Wang all the way to the second half.

crystal power in April revenue of NT $NT (the same below), the monthly increase of 12%, an increase of 4.9%, a record high of a single month. Crystal power, said in April LED began to enter the peak season, from May, the blue light LED capacity is fully loaded, the operation is expected to continue to peak. By international manufacturers of Cree and Philips launched a series of low-cost LED lighting products incentive to drive the LED lighting market orders remained buoyant, demand in the second half of the year may be more high, the crystal electric lighting orders exceeded expectations, part of the order LED lighting visibility as high as 5 and 6 months, and led TV will be strong demand, crystal electric must do the appropriate configuration for LED lighting and backlighting capacity.

gem circle said, LED industry to enter the season of the second season, capacity utilization at full load, backlight and lighting products demand continued warming, especially backlight strong orders, orders given by the downstream packaging plant customers optimistic outlook. Estimated gem circle can be Wang all the way in the year to October, the visibility of orders for nearly two months.

Longda said. As for the 51 golden week debut, TV factory actively cloth inventory, Lunda due to, new customers, also let LED backlight orders showed significant growth, capacity utilization has gradually picked up to 80%, the visibility of orders is stretched to 1 to 1.5 months, April revenue is expected to last.

billion in total order demand continues to grow, including backlight, lighting, traditional components, etc., to drive the company in April combined revenue of NT $NT (the same below), the monthly increase of 4.48%, an annual increase of 33.59%. Among them, the backlighting demand the most exuberant, except LED TV penetration continues to rise, brand factory actively produce direct type LED TV outside, this year, the company introduced new customers is also helpful, the overall harvest dynamic rate of 80%, the visibility of orders up to the end of the second quarter.

into the traditional peak season, the backlight and lighting orders Qi wang. The factory for the LED industry to optimism, the market is optimistic about the operation will be with order demand Chang Wang and improve, in addition to revenue growth, gross margin will also crops with dynamic pull rate high ascension.

for more details, Shenzhen led "waste" limited negative impact and not to butterfly effect

planning to catch up with change, in mid March this year, did not release any explanation and justification, Shenzhen City in the form of Government Gazette abolished in 2009 introduced in March, "" on the issuance of the notice of the Shenzhen City LED industry development plan (2009 - 2015). The first wind, blow a pond, the sudden repeal, many companies feel shocked.

Shenzhen LED Industry Federation President suishirong revealed that the municipal development and Reform Commission, the main reason for the abolition of the given is the "planning" in the proposed some policy, especially capital and industry support policies, involved in other aspects of the policy has been, do not need to use the "planning". However, there are also led manufacturers believe that Shenzhen repeatedly now billion level led business failures, the LED industry had already appeared the excess capacity, based on fears that LED industry has become the second photovoltaic industry, perhaps Shenzhen government to abolish the "planning" of the important reasons.

however, Shenzhen's halt does not play the butterfly effect. Shenzhen City, Chi Chi Energy Lighting Co., Ltd., general manager of Jinsong, said: we are mainly to do business in the export market, do not know that this plan is abolished, this policy has no impact on our own business."

Lehman photoelectric chairman Li MANTIE said: "Shenzhen is China's largest and earliest LED industry base, development to today, there have been several years. This attribution in the Shenzhen market spontaneous agglomeration and the ability to regulate, rather than government regulation. Therefore, the abolition of the "Shenzhen LED industry development plan" for Shenzhen enterprises, the impact is not. Now the entire LED industry has reached the stage of specialization, intensive development, should not rely too much on the power of the government."

Shenzhen overclocking Technology Co., Ltd. is discussed that: "Shenzhen LED industry started early, rapid development, most of the small and medium-sized enterprise led minor, does not really appear in led enterprises industry leaders and disappointed about government abolished the planning, it is normal the."

Shenzhen City Confucianism as Electronic Co Ltd is a supplier of NVC and other large enterprises LED. According to a person close to Shenzhen, the author of the newspaper said: "there is no sense of Shenzhen's policy adjustments to Shenzhen Confucianism for what the impact. On the contrary, the enterprise orders to do not finish, the current has not let the business staff to take orders." , vice president of science and technology Pan Rurong believes that the "waste order" will only affect those who rely on the policy of special enterprises, but this kind of enterprises in the LED industry, after all, is a minority. Therefore, the "waste order" although the entire industry will have a negative impact on the psychological impact, but the impact is only short-term. At present, Shenzhen Guangming New Area is located in the factory production line is still full line start state, due to sufficient orders, workers also need to work overtime to complete the order. And the company's new plant in Dongguan Songshan Lake investment will be put into use, is 5 times the size of the factory. Pan Rurong believes that the abolition of the Shenzhen LED industry development plan, the industry is a wake-up call, so that we more calm thinking about the future development of the LED industry. The recovery more details of the

market, the combination of

in midsummer May June do not work hard, so. At present, the peak season, the various manufacturers have adopted a combination strategy, trying to achieve synergies.

LED road lighting solutions provider Jiangxi crystal and Lighting Co., Ltd. and CREE signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. More details

5 2, Samsung Electronics and Zhejiang and Hui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. signed a depth of strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out development in the future based on the global LED lighting market, each to give each other including but not limited to the maximum degree of support in technology research and development, production, marketing, brand promotion in one. More details of the
due to the arrival of a large number of LED lighting needs, Taiwan LED manufacturers are also actively settled in the mainland market. LED two optical professional lens factory, 7, held at the Yangzhou plant put into operation opening ceremony. Tang Delong, chairman of the board, said that within three years, the global market share of Lei Di Ke to reach 50% to 60%.

for more details in addition, due to geographical advantages, Taiwan LED enterprises have vied for Taiwanese Investment Zone in Quanzhou. At the end of last year signed a new generation of Quanzhou investment zone in Taiwan project, recently completed registration procedures. At the same time, the investment of 500 million yuan of Taiwan optoelectronic Proview technology industry base project in East China, also completed the examination and approval of land use. New generation of LED application products project plan investment 100 million yuan, will be the introduction of LED driven production of SMT production line 2, substrate, in board and wave soldering production line 4, automatic led ball bubble lamp production line 3, automatic LED fluorescent tube production line 3, LED street lamp, down lamp assembly production line 6, after the completion of an annual output of LED ball bubble lamp 1200 million stars, LED fluorescent tube 1.2 million root will also produce LED downlights, spotlights, industry and mining lamp products. And Proview is planning construction of LED chip, rack production and packaging, application, research and development of products production base for the optoelectronics industry one of the, project completed and put into production is expected to achieve an annual output value of 10 billion yuan.