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Shenzhen LED industry "world dream" can be reborn

From: Data:10/08/2016

from environmental and Resources Protection Committee announced the implementation of China's green lighting demonstration projects of energy conservation and to the national basic public service system "1025" planning, "published, the study identifies policies to promote energy-saving home appliances and other consumer products; from the development and Reform Commission officially released in China gradually Amoy jig incandescent roadmap, to five steps gradually prohibited imports and the sale of incandescent lamp gradually implemented. Over the past year, Chinese Dumbledore LED industry policy is continuously.

however, and this form bright contrast, the Shenzhen Municipal Government in March this year in the Government Gazette announced that will be abolished municipal government concerning the issuance of Shenzhen City LED industry development plan (2009 - 2015) Notice "(deep palace [2009] No. 41). The Shenzhen municipal government has not yet explained the reasons for the abolition of the document.

"waste order" one out, one stone arouses thousand layer wave. Regarding the LED "waste order", Shenzhen Municipal Government tight lipped about the attitude, let guess from all walks of life in succession, Internet "LED industry is Shenzhen abandoned" the news caused a temporary clamor. More people in the industry worry, and so on, LED industry large enterprises may will be like when the Shenzhen four big star enterprises (ZTE, Huawei, China Merchants Bank and Ping An insurance) as well as "capital" storm, Shenzhen fear will reoccurrence "abandoned".

: "half of the country suspected" whirling ceiling "

" touch LED industry in Shenzhen was once synonymous with China LED. In the early 1990s, Shenzhen began the development of LED industry, after all the way to the Sturm und Drang, in the semiconductor lighting technology and product research, development, production and application of enterprises up to more than 1000.

after ten years of development, at present Shenzhen LED industry output value of the overall scale of more than 800 million yuan, occupy nearly "half" in Guangdong Province. Moreover, Shenzhen is solar LED lamps and lanterns, the world's largest production and supply base, LED backlight major global production and supply base, LED display tent China's largest production and supply base, LED packaging and specialty industrial lighting China the main production area. In addition to the national policy of vigorously promote, Guangdong Province is will be one of its inclusion in the focus on the cultivation and development of the three strategic emerging industries and create the explosive growth and unmatched global capacity. Written is in all of LED in the future is full of expectations, did not disclose any explanation and justification, the Shenzhen municipal government suddenly abolished the a department is implementing the industrial development planning, give a slap in the face of China's LED industry. The abolition of the "planning" in the proposed Shenzhen "to build a national and even the world's important R & D and production base in the LED industry," also set the year 2015 industrial output value of more than 130 billion yuan of development goals.

one industry experts when accepting a reporter to interview revealed that the plan is the implementation of China's first LED industry planning, many cities to develop the relevant planning, use it as a blueprint.

a good prospects for the LED "planning", why suddenly abandoned? "Waste order" a, let a lot of people in the industry the industry it has been abandoned by the Shenzhen Municipal Government's conjecture, even a "LED industry in Shenzhen has been touched" ceiling "lament. The "

" vector haze V: "embarrassed" waste order who?

had known created the myth of the rise of "Shenzhen treasure" for the LED industry, why suddenly abolished LED planning? These years, the government of Shenzhen has made the LED industry which contribution? The implementation of the policy of how to implement? Shenzhen enterprises whether the real benefit from the policy planning is effective? Planning after the abolition of these problems immediately caused a great disturbance.

reporter found in the survey, in March 7, 2009, the Shenzhen Municipal People's government to the District People's government, the municipal government directly under the unit issued "LED industrial development plan (2009 - 2015)" (hereinafter referred to as the "planning"). "Planning" pointed out that, based on the LED technology of semiconductor lighting, with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy maintenance and other characteristics, will lead to the birth of a new light source revolution. "As one of the four major areas of the LED industry, Shenzhen, it should actively promote the development of the LED industry.

in the development goals, "planning" requirements: by 2010, annual output value of Shenzhen LED industry scale reached 280 billion yuan, nurture and develop more than five output value of more than 5 billion yuan of corporate influence; to 2015, the scale of the industry to more than 1300 billion yuan in output value, cultivation and development value of more than 100 billion yuan of enterprise more than 1, the output value of more than 50 billion yuan of 2 - 3, the output value of more than 10 billion yuan more than 10. "Planning" is also strong, the focus should be placed on the development of the chip, packaging and other technical fields.

although the planning of 130 billion yuan in the goal is really hard to do, but when the reporter conducted a survey, found that some companies are indifferent to them, and some do not even know the existence of planning.

reporter then to two dozen local Shenzhen led enterprise survey found that these corporate executives regarding the planning abolished a thing is confused.

Moso Power Technology Co., Ltd. president Gu Yongde said that the abolition of the planning of the specific reason why he is not very clear, but Moso target customer is for the global market, business in Shenzhen accounted for the ratio is very small, so the plan abolished the Moso power is hardly influenced. Some industry insiders also told reporters revealed, Shenzhen led many companies to go is the route to market, their target customers in Shenzhen, the planning abolished has little effect on most led Shenzhen enterprises.

"policy in Shenzhen although many, but demand exceeds supply, can really benefit or a handful of enterprise, Shenzhen many led enterprises to develop rapidly and are living in the market competition in real swords and spears to fight developed. "Many LED executives complained in an interview.

a personage inside course of study to reporters revealed: "in this industry, there are a lot of need government regulation and policy guidance, such as some enterprises is rely on subsidies, take the project to live, but the technology is still lack, as part of the core chip, it can only rely on imports. There are a lot of small businesses and even the R & D department did not, direct plagiarism, and then hit the price war, so that the original does not regulate the market more chaotic, these are urgent needs of the relevant functional departments to sort out the guide. "

, director of the Department of Electronic Science and technology, Shenzhen University, said Chai Guangyue, Shenzhen's LED is still the largest in the country, but the pace of development has lagged behind, it is recommended that the government pay attention to. A reluctant to disclose the names of experts also said that the Guangdong provincial government to semiconductor lighting as a major way of three new strategic industry support, the Shenzhen abolished the tone of the plan and the Guangdong Province is somewhat contrary, it is easy to cause the dispute.

"the year of the policy makes the enterprise rush up, just not long after met Europe's economic downturn, and the Shenzhen Municipal Government for this industry support" thunder and no rain ", the industry had lost the direction. "Lighting industry executives said," government should be careful and cautious, flip-flop easy to let the masses have contradicted emotion. "

" planning for the development of enterprises are generally in accordance with the requirements of the government's plan to develop and try to matched, now "waste order" a, easily to the entire industry bring confusion feeling, especially Shenzhen also plays the role of the pioneer of reform, Shenzhen in one fell swoop, probably in China and even in the world caused by the butterfly effect. LED, a general manager of the listing Corporation admitted.

enterprises anger refute: "the second photovoltaic industry" purely misreading

in Shenzhen City "waste order" out, the Internet began to heat a did not wish to disclose the names of the officials said the implementation of "waste order is worried about" LED industry become the second photovoltaic industry ". In this regard, KingSun, Mao Shuo, on the day, the distance photoelectric lighting business executives have refuted the this argument, and firmly said "LED is not likely to become the second photovoltaic industry".

"photovoltaic industry has flourished, in just a few years, from the mountains fell to the floor of the valley, the domestic first-line enterprises in full huge embarrassment. But the LED industry is by no means the second PV industry. Because the LED industry not only has a huge domestic market support, as well as strong foreign markets can rely on, and LED applications are very broad, more important is that the technology is still in development. "Qin Chuanjun, vice president of Power Technology Co., ltd..

industry is the most healthy and promising industry. The next step in the LED market potential is also very great. As long as the technology content and maintain a leading technology and even economic ups and downs, in market competition will take the initiative. "A number of lighting industry listing Corporation responsible person said in an interview.

now appears to be in the lighting market, such distribution businesses of the formal product manufacturers of LED market performance is positive and optimistic, also gradually expand the LED products accounted for the intention; and small business brand even assembly shop owners in the products are relatively conservative, LED products in the future development of view looks at the situation.

rumor "abandoned", looking forward to deal landing flowering

Shenzhen led planning from the original scenery of landing, to today's screeching abolished, undoubtedly to in global economic cold winter LED industry, bringing significant pessimism. And government regarding the "waste order" tight lipped about the, the social from all walks of life speculation many social networks have been reproduced in the enterprise by Shenzhen government abandoned the news, even more will be with those four enterprises "capital" Shanghai event, that due to improper handling may lead to numerous led enterprise were relocated to Shenzhen.

"Shenzhen, if we don't want us, we have to go. "A few of the executives of the lighting companies are excited to vomit to reporters. "Planning the defeasible has little effect on our business, because our enterprises originally is in the ebb tide of global market out of the experience, but if Shenzhen is indifferent to the development of LED industry, bullish policy compared to other regions, some enterprises may choose" capital ". "One of Bonbel's top shows his concern.

for enterprises who worried the reporter a telephone interview with the Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center director Sui shirong. Suishirong to reporters said that although the Shenzhen city to cancel the "planning", but in Guangdong Province will still LED industry is listed as one of the three major emerging industries of strategic were vigorously support, overall policy environment is still good, and Shenzhen city regarding the support of LED industry also has been in support of the state degree.

regarding this plan abolished, Sui Shirong said Shenzhen City, the relevant functional departments to make this decision, mainly on three aspects, first is the formulation of the time earlier, not suitable for today's LED industry development present situation; the second is Shenzhen led planning in other related policies are covered; the third is the national and Guangdong Province relevant policies are also covers the content of Shenzhen led planning. In addition, Sui Shirong also said that policy abolished an industry planning will be more or less to the produce some impact, I hope each big enterprise to rationally look at this thing, don't be unaware of the truth of the misleading mislead, also hope to the Shenzhen City, the relevant functional departments to publish a well-established industry special policies as soon as possible, some malicious rumours also would be self defeating.

day photoelectric, Mao Shuo lighting, Bonbel and other companies have said in an interview, China LED