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The taxi driver to escape the tolls on the roof LED display that robbed

From: Data:11/08/2016

the public alarm, police in the British and Shehong all night looking after found brother safe

Tao global network news: & ldquo; I was robbed, call the police! & rdquo; on the evening of April 14 11, a taxi pulled out hence (ning) back (MA) Parthian highway toll station (, Daying County, Suining City Territory), lamps LED display screen quietly replaced a such words, continue to Shehong County direction of running. The results of the investigation of ironic: brother Deng for the evasion of tolls and alarm device on train.

public warning: a taxi robbery <"Huaxi Dushi Bao" reported, 11 14 evening, in Suining back to the Parthian highway toll station, exit the toll station after a license plate number for the Sichuan J1XXXX taxi pay tolls, and then along the line of highway 205 to drive the direction of Shehong county to.

back to Ma Zhen a passing line of highway 205 people found that displays Chuan J1XXXX taxi lamps LED screen, flash & ldquo; I was robbed, please Alarm & rdquo; words. “ this rental must be hijacked … … ” the masses immediately call 110.

back to the town in front of a few kilometers, into the territory of Shehong county. Daying County Public Security Bureau received a report, the taxi may have entered the territory of Shehong, organized the police intercept already late, so immediately to Shehong County Public Security Bureau issued a warning bulletin: Sichuan J1XXXX robbed and in need of emergency rescue, please immediately sent seizing the car.

Shehong County Public Security Bureau police station, south of Xie Nianbin, led a number of police on the car may go through the route of inspections. Shehong patrol also launched inspections.

monitoring showed that robbed the rental in Shehong

“ the taxi should enter the Shehong County, may also be a place in the county. ” police to increase inspections.

15 at 3 am, the traffic police found the taxi at the intersection. The car when empty, LED lamp display screen also impressively show “ I was robbed, please alarm!

“ ” is this taxi driver safe? Where did he go? ” police rushed through the taxi company looking for the car driver.

is a false alarm: evasion start alarm

police to identify the car the night driver Deng, the police quickly found a deng. “ I'm not taken hostage. I'm fine. ” a safe and sound.

the police see brother right, hanging heart put down. But for Dengmou illegal behavior lies alarm situation serious criticism, at the same time 10 days administrative detention punishment of the.