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What are the factors that affect the life of LED display

From: Data:11/08/2016

a display LED is the current market hot lighting and propaganda tool, enjoy the LED display screen to bring economic benefits at the same time, life is always users are most concerned about the problem, then the impact factors of life it what?

1, LED display is a semiconductor device, so it requires the environment at room temperature of 25 degrees or so working mechanism is the best. But in reality, it is difficult for us to do this, the summer pit 40 degrees Celsius, winter and -30. At this time, the work efficiency of the LED display and performance will be inconsistent. This is because the brightness of the red, green and blue three lights in different temperature conditions brightness decay and decline is different, at 25 DEG C, the white balance is normal.

2, regularly check the virus, remove irrelevant data. To master the control parameters of the settings, the basic data of the pre modified, familiar with the installation method, the original data recovery, backup. Proficiency in the use of procedures, operations and editing. Software backup: WINXP, WIN2003, application, software installation procedures, databases, etc., it is recommended to use “ a key to restore ” software, easy to operate. Non full time personnel, please do not operate the software system.

3, switching sequence. Open the screen, first open the computer, after the peacock. Turn off the screen when: first off screen, after the computer screen, the computer does not turn off the screen, it will cause the screen appears high highlights, burn the tube, the consequences are serious. Switch screen time interval to be greater than 5 minutes. The computer control software into the project, can spread electricity. Avoid the peacock white screen in full screen mode, because the impact of current at the maximum. To avoid out of control under the tail, because the impact of current at the maximum. HERSHEY'S is not the ambient temperature is too high or cooling conditions, should be careful not to long time tail. The electronic screen body part line appears very bright, attention should be paid to off screen, not a long time to spread in this state. Often appear on the screen of the power switch trip, should be timely check the LED unit board screen or replace the power switch. Regularly check the firm condition of the joint. If there is a loose phenomenon, pay attention to timely adjustment, re reinforcement or renewal of hanging pieces. According to the large screen display screen, the control part of the environmental conditions, avoid insect bites, when necessary, should be placed on anti poison.

4, the power is also very important, due to power under different temperature conditions, the working stability of the output voltage, value and load capacity will vary, because it bears the function of the logistics, so its support capability directly affect the screen quality.

5, box design for the display is also very important, on the one hand, it is the role of circuit protection, on the other hand is a safe role, as well as dust, waterproof effect. But more important is the ventilation cooling system design is good, with the extension of the boot time and the outside temperature, the thermal drift of components will increase, which leads to poor image quality.

summary: through the introduction of the above, please control, we use LED display in the process, there is no contrary to do it? In order to better use of our LED display, welcome to consult the top technology service department.