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How to achieve the perfect dispensing LED lamps?

From: Data:11/08/2016

is the manufacturer of LED lighting industry will have such an idea: in the supply to the growing and competition fierce market conditions shall introduce automated dispensing equipment? Would you like to change the original production line?

LED dispensing technology packaging process is like? Common lamp dispensing package

LED has two: 2, a lamp body control the tank filling glue, wire lamp holder body in order to ensure the heat dissipation and stable for a large flow glue pouring operation.

LED lamp package common automation equipment:

LED bubble lamp dispensing machine, led ball steep light irrigation glue machine

LED ball bulb dispenser is binding effect is a kind of automatic dispensing equipment on the lamp body and lamp base adhesive small flow dispensing site rotation of the circular dispensing work.

LED bulbs filling glue machine SEC-8600 is bulb lamp holder of large flow potting a process, the device has two dispensing head and the two products are plastic irrigation operation, production capacity and efficiency significantly improved.