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LED lighting favored by the home improvement, the introduction of the general LE

From: Data:11/08/2016

with the LED technology in the expansion of lighting applications, and in recent years, people on the home environment of leisure, comfortable pursuit of continuous improvement, lighting lamps gradually from a purely functional lighting to decorative effect function. With the rise of the market of the two or three counties, lighting chain spread rapidly, at the same time, the overall lighting intensified. Green lighting is mainly semiconductor LED lighting, both low carbon and environmental protection, and energy saving, as long as propaganda in place, designers fully promotion, using a number of construction units, owners are also willing to accept, market prospect is very broad.

China Building Decoration Association of residential decorative decoration committee secretary long zhangren calculated brushstroke Zhang, last year China decoration industry output value is 2 trillion yuan, lighting accounts for 10% - 20%, or $100 billion to 200 billion, this huge market. According to Zhang Ren's statement, the lighting industry and decoration industry tied very closely. LED lights gradually into the modern home improvement, and constantly improve the market feedback, and ultimately will occupy an important place in the decoration industry.

Hyun Pu LED lighting will further introduce more high-quality LED lighting lamps, and rich in LED home lighting product line has now been owned. And Hyun general LED lighting launch of the city set up dazzle general LED lighting store experience, so that more consumers to experience, consumption, accept the correct understanding of the LED home lighting, Hyun will general high-quality LED lighting to illuminate the lights!

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