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LED lighting: a good stage for small and medium enterprises

From: Data:11/08/2016

traditional electric lamp lighting after several generations of revolution, and constantly develop and mature, but the problem of energy conservation and pollution is still the traditional light. With the rise of LED lighting, technology continues to upgrade, the human lighting market ushered in a new look of the new situation.

although now the popularization and application of LED is also need some time, but this new type of lighting lamps and lanterns with strong development potential, like the light replaced candles and oil lamps as, such will eventually enter every family in China, even in the country into led era than we expected faster. And more environmentally friendly countries in Europe and the United States is also worth looking forward to.

let us together to see the advantage of the development of the Chinese Mr. three traditional lighting giant /:

NVC of the channel advantage. The company takes & ldquo; Marketing & rdquo; thinking framework as a development strategy, in recent years to quickly build 36 operations centers and more than 2600 brand stores, a huge network of customer service and in more than 30 countries and regions in the world set up international institutions. For the & ldquo; LED lighting business & rdquo;, future sales channels in the construction, the business model of business and brand influence, ask who can do NVC so generous?

FSL's production advantages. National Electrical and mechanical manufacturing first, is the domestic production of lighting products, the longest line of products. FSL includes industrial and mining, street lamps, outdoor lighting, indoor home lighting, office lighting, commercial lighting, car lights, etc.. The factory has a strong production capacity, after more than 60 years of precipitation, FSL has a complete set of perfect production lines, production machines and rich experience in production management, the advantages of non ordinary enterprises can compare.

OPPLE lighting ceiling advantage. At present, Op lighting in China with 36 branch /office, more than 3000 brand stores, more than 5000 home lighting professional outlets, and more than 3000 outlets in supermarkets and more than 500 commercial lighting professional outlets, covering the cities at or above the county level in 95% of the country, particularly in the ceiling lamps series champion.

these three are the traditional lighting brand enterprises, they have what characteristics?

generally speaking, their common characteristic is strong, with a strong economic and technical strength, the rapid reaction ability of information, in the market with strong competitiveness. In addition, these large industry giants generally from the global strategy of their business activities, within the range as large as possible for market and rational production layout, for some products, or in some areas, with varying degrees of monopoly, business scope is more and more widely, the business more and more to the world expansion.

but these industry giants also have their own problems. Whether the successful grafting LED lighting was an unknown quantity

traditional lighting brand. As the saying goes, & ldquo; small boat U-turn & rdquo;, ship U-turn is not a easy thing. Facing the benefits

redistribution, the investment risk of the profit of floating, and new products, brand LED products market awareness and LED products market acceptance is a great test, every decision is correct or not, will be produced huge influence. LED lighting transformation is like a turn on the road, in this way, it is possible to go beyond the others, there may be others beyond.

chaotic hero! At present the field of LED lighting, and there is no one called brand enterprise, is the true state of the market now, in a state of order - disorder coexisting competitive, but we still have to seize the market, because the market is the most chaotic time, have a stroke is likely to win a piece of cake. In fact, LED lighting has a lot of space, such as civil, outdoor, engineering, high power street lamps and so on are used, if LED can replace all the traditional lighting, it will be a big market.

China's LED lighting companies how to develop? This is a question that needs to be studied. At present, the actual situation is, LED lighting industry is difficult to truly break the middle reaches of the upper reaches of the core technology is monopolized by a small number of developed countries. Most of the Chinese enterprises are still in the middle and lower reaches of the LED package and LED products, real breakthroughs in LED lighting industry development bottleneck enterprises are relatively small. And to enter the LED lighting in the downstream industry is not so high threshold, we focus on product design, breakthrough product technology, optimize product structure, establish LED product brand and so on.

second, there are some other direction for Chinese companies to choose the direction, such as network marketing, you can take a single product breakthrough, focusing on the advantages of a certain product to achieve the ultimate. LED this year, a series of

display enterprises closed down, indicating that the competition to enter the white hot, LED lighting war has started.

overall, in the starting line of LED lighting, small and medium enterprises can be applied to the director, to avoid confrontation with large enterprises, to play the advantages of design, technology, personality. The road people, road congestion, fewer people, sometimes also a way out. How to get out of their own way, everything is the choice of enterprises. So, it is more important to choose than to work hard!