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LED TV allows super sized home display to become possible

From: Data:14/08/2016

researcher at the Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Optics Precision Machinery and physics research, doctoral tutor, Prasidha company general manager Wang Rui Guang heart there was a dream. & ldquo; I want to let the real meaning of LED super size TV possible. ”

to create LED super sized TV &ldquo

; if you really feel that there is a dream, to find their own advantages, should be the real arrival in 2013. ” Wang Ruiguang said. The dream of the power source, from 2001, the establishment of Changchun Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., hilda. Now

, Sheeta company experience to create the initial from the military products gradually transition, find to the LED display products and LED lighting products for the main direction, and become the industry & ldquo; the leader & rdquo;.

according to his memories, around the 1990s, LED products has just started, on a smaller scale, screen module used is single and double color, many companies are by hand of LED (light emitting diode) pipes for spectrophotometric color selection, high cost, big error, poor image, the lower end products, competitiveness is not strong. The company in the production process, for the product is not satisfactory, will depend on the Changchun Institute of technology innovation platform.

from across the dual color display to full color LED display screen; the & ldquo; pointwise consistency correction technology & rdquo; to enhance the level of product, which the popularity of follow-up of domestic products plays a good role in promoting; it is worth mentioning that, in 2008, the company developed the & ldquo; integrated triple Technology & rdquo; written into the history of the development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China's LED display technology lead, to the world to the forefront.

2013, Hilda electronic ushered in another opportunity for the development of the company.

Wang Ruiguang said that the mention of television, perhaps a lot of people will think of LED LCD TV, and in fact, this product is not the true sense of the LED tv.

he said, LCD TVs, such is the LCD TV backlight LED light from the LCD TV through out), and real LED TV, is completely the use of LED as a TV imaging devices, better picture quality and a longer life of the theory and the fabrication process is more environmental protection, more energy-saving.

according to the current LCD TV technology, if you want to do 100 inch Mr. big screen /TV, about 50 million yuan RMB, high cost, technical difficulty; and now, the company has achieved a technology breakthrough, oversized LED TV production costs down 30-50% less than their peers and better, so that, in the true sense LED TV, to the user brings more benefits, is bound to have a more broad market prospects. &ldquo

; now I find my own advantage, my dream is to make the true sense of the LED super sized TV become possible. & rdquo; Wang Rui Guang said, at present, the cedar electronic ultra high density LED display screen has begun to put into mass production and in the technology, can achieve this goal. The growth and development of the size of one hundred billion yuan

Prasidha electronic

LED industry thanks to the country and Jilin Province of optoelectronics industry recognition and support.

it is understood that the national Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Finance and other ministries have introduced a series of encouraging industrial development planning, guiding policy and support the development of LED industry; domestic and international authoritative institutions predict, LED industry has entered the outbreak of type growth before the incubation period, market size will expand rapidly.

opportunity to seize the opportunity to seize the industrial development of Changchun City, Changchun high tech Zone to build a national LED industry demonstration base.

in fact, as early as the beginning of the Changchun high tech Zone, the optoelectronics industry is identified as one of the leading industries of priority development. In June 2004, Changchun was approved by the national development and Reform Commission as the national optoelectronic industry base. This is following the Wuhan became the & ldquo; Optics & rdquo; after the state approved the second national photoelectron industrial base, marking the Changchun entered the national photoelectron industry focus on the development of strategic layout, Changchun optoelectronic industry into the development in the new period.

Rui Guang Wang although Changchun compared with southern city, in capital adequacy, ancillary facilities and with foreign contact is weak, but relying on advantage of the strong industrial base, and Changchun Institute of Optics and fine mechanics, leading scientific research and technology, as well as the province personnel etc. advantages in resources, Jilin Province LED industry will have unlimited potential for development.

& ldquo; if are now filed in Jilin Province, over 100 billion industry, is our first big industry & mdash; & mdash; automobile industry, then, I have the confidence, in the future, LED industry, but also very possible to achieve 100 billion. ” he said.

hit the international market leading the development trend

now and in the Jinmao Tower in Shanghai, the Bund, and some subway lines in Shanghai, the Shanghai World Expo will part of the exhibition hall of the Beijing Railway Station Station Square, the National Grand Theater, Beijing most of the subway line and Beijing West Railway Station and other, LED display beautiful, let tourists from home and abroad, a better understanding of China, and also to understand the development of Chinese LED industry.

Wang Ruiguang said, looking at the LED industry chain, there should be on the middle and lower reaches of the sub.

chips and the like, including the intellectual property belongs to the upper reaches of the river, at present, basically in the hands of foreign; device package which belongs to the middle, China has number of advantages; but high-end products in Europe and the United States; and the application level, which belongs to the middle position, China has an absolute advantage. Throughout the development of the industry, China is in a steady rise, the future here will be a more broad market development of LED products.

however, he said, the entire industry chain is the core of the technology. And at present, large size flat panel display technology control, is still in the international large enterprises, domestic enterprises have not much chance of “ contend with ”.

in Wang Ruiguang's eyes, now, China's LED products in the international market to occupy an important “ position ” the dream, it seems that is no longer so far away. &ldquo he said,

; do technical people, always want to have their own place in the world, and now is the best opportunity. ” he hopes that the Jilin province with the industry's products, can quickly enter the world, leading the international market development trend.