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LED phototherapy lamp features and advantages of

From: Data:14/08/2016


* health
LED lamp wavelength of 500nm, 400nm, for the visible light, with ordinary lighting, like, on the human body skin and eyes no harm. Wavelength UVA 320-400nm, commonly used in ordinary UV lamp with a wavelength of 365nm, UVA attack dermis and even subcutaneous tissue, a small amount of UVA can cause great harm to the skin. More importantly, UVA will be able to cause great damage to the skin. More important is that UVA damage is cumulative and irreversible, so UVA is also known as aging ray (UA aging). Long term exposure to UVA can cause the eyes of acute keratitis and conjunctivitis, chronic cataracts and other eye diseases. The use of LED phototherapy machine can prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin and eyes, is conducive to human health.

* curing speed
use LED cold light machine than ordinary UV UV machine greatly accelerate the curing speed, saves exposure time, so as to improve the efficiency.

* environmental
traditional nail uv lamp is harmful to the human body, a lamp tube is easy to be damaged and broken, sometimes buy a lamp, but to buy a box of phototherapy lamp standby. Recycling costs a lot. The LED lamp is a semiconductor light emitting device, does not contain Organic harmful substances, due to the small size, will not be broken, easy to deal with waste. The advantages of

using LED lamps, energy saving, low cost, safety is not hot, long life and other advantages. Irradiation and curing

* use of
LED cold machine is only applicable to LED glue, not suitable for ordinary UV