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LED lighting: the time is still a dream?

From: Data:14/08/2016

was once the capital market coveted LED industry, a few years ago is tasting the bitter fruit of big expansion. Results showed that in 2012 and the first quarter of this year, the relevant listing Corporation are caught in the embarrassment of income does not increase profits.

but due to the demand and policy to pick up the trend is clear, the recent brokerage researchers once again on the plate full of enthusiasm. LED; &ldquo lighting, when the time is still a dream? ” this is the common market doubts. civilians prices stimulate demand according to statistics, the included 25 LED focus on listed companies, the 2012 total operating income was 484.09 billion yuan, grew 9%, the total net profit for 39.33 billion yuan, down 18%. In the first quarter of this year, the 25 LED focused on the total operating income of yuan, an increase of, net profit of $12%, down 3%. However, LED industry began to pick up signs. It is understood that the recent government has clearly defined LED lighting promotion program. Guangdong is expected in 2013, the amount of LED street lamps will grow nearly 4 times to 1 million 100 thousand, Shenzhen plans this year to grow more than 10 times the amount of transformation of more than 200 thousand. At the same time, Jiangxi introduced the energy-saving emission reduction & ldquo; Twelfth Five Year Plan & rdquo; planning ", plans to promote LED outdoor lighting products 10 million lights above. 300 million of the indoor lighting; Fujian outdoor lighting promotion rules will also be the recent introduction. & ldquo; according to past experience, local government led lighting business single volume by the strength of the listed companies swept. This also gave rise to the company profit space. ” Shanghai, a researcher said. More importantly, it seems people in the market, the price of LED lighting products is no longer superior, but also directly stimulate demand surge. A researcher investigation was informed that in June this year, before and after the NVC may start the first round of price war, other manufacturers such as sun lighting extremely likely to follow. Leading enterprises have resorted to & ldquo; price butcher's knife & rdquo; the researcher is expected to LED lighting products prices in the second half of the decline is expected to reach 30% - 40%. This also means that to 18W LED lamp as an example (30W T8 energy saving lamp), the retail price of domestic mainstream channels is expected from now 70 yuan - 80 yuan /only fell to 40-50 yuan /only, and 30W brand energy-saving lamps prices in 20 yuan - 30 yuan /only, i.e. LED lamp prices in the second half has entered the festival lamp to 2 times the price interval, that is, the industry called & ldquo; sweet spot & rdquo. In the light of such price, the market demand is expected to increase rapidly, the new replacement. The researcher reminded, from June began to closely observe the end price and demand for LED lighting products, the domestic LED lighting market is expected to start in the 3 quarter of this year. Beware of &ldquo ; black swan ” came aforementioned researcher stressed that the current LED lighting market penetration rate of less than 3%, even if the price to stimulate demand doubled, the scale is not large. But in view of the plate for the whole year growth is relatively more determined in other industries, he suggested in the callback process to increase the allocation. It is worth mentioning is that global MOCVD (LED epitaxial wafer production required equipment maker Veeco recently released news, Veeco recently saw from the Chinese market two years first urgent orders, display Chinese grain plants again to restart the purchase of MOCVD machine plan. This allows practitioners quite nervous that the situation is not seen from the Chinese enterprises capital expenditure this year to restart the massive expansion of production capacity, but the expansion of Chinese enterprises production capacity will affect the overall supply and demand situation of the LED industry. Once the expansion of the China Company to restart the pace, will once again return to the LED industry to cast a variable temperature. In addition, the letter phi LED industry investment institutions are still so many sequelae of fear. Since the second half of last year, gamma Wei shares, South photoelectric, Foshan Lighting, optoelectronics, KingSun etc. several LED related to listed companies traced to information disclosure violations, and by the Commission of the punishment. The market reacted strongly to this, the relevant enterprises affected by the stock price fell sharply, dragging the poor performance of LED plate. Some investors said, “ these questioned listing Corporation, many still not completely out of the negative, and even face the huge compensation rights holders. Even if the industry outlook to the top, but also beware of black swan came again. ”