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LED display favored gradually become the leading display terminal

From: Data:14/08/2016

LED with the rising technology,

display gradually into everyone's attention, but also widely used in various fields, the city can see it everywhere.
China Science and Technology Hardware City, Yongchang lighting shop owner Huang introduced, businesses are usually placed in the LED display in a conspicuous place, as a commodity to promote and attract customers tools. At the same time is also a decorative store, improve the grade of a good choice.
it is understood, LED display is widely popular, and gradually become the leader of the display terminal, because it has four advantages and characteristics. Brightness high, the brightness of the outdoor LED display is greater than 8000mcd/m2, is the only outdoor all-weather use of large display terminal. Long life, average life expectancy up to 100000 hours (ten years) or more. Perspective, in the indoor perspective can be greater than 160 degrees, outdoor perspective can be greater than 120 degrees. The screen size, ranging from less than one square metre high, up to hundreds of thousands of square meters. The
from a number of LED display sales shop was informed that, at present the LED display is the most prominent vehicle. It uses a special power supply, control card, unit board manufacturing, through the display of text, pictures, animation, video. As with the rapid development of LED display screen and independent of a vehicle display system and ordinary door screen, is fixed without moving the LED display compared to, its stability, anti-jamming, anti vibration, dust and so on has more advantages. Taxi driver Lu Mou said, now the industry competition is intense, profit margins not than before, a vehicle mounted LED display screen is installed in the rear window of the car can get advertising investment, to earn extra income.