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The design way of innovation LED lamp industry is king

From: Data:14/08/2016

all over the world have to the incandescent clear out or restrict the use of policy, incandescent lamp will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, and now vigorously promote energy-saving lamps due to environmental issues have been repeatedly criticized. LED lighting will become the main lighting in the future, which basically has been the consensus in the industry. But at present, there are still some problems in the promotion of LED. LED how to be accepted by the user, and really become the mainstream lighting? The author believes that to solve the current problems, we must find a way to give full play to its advantages, which is the common challenge faced by the LED industry.

innovative design is the kingly

LED light-emitting diode single power is not, if you need more power to a plurality of light emitting diode to design power. Therefore, facing the problem of heat dissipation. If this problem can not be solved effectively, it will affect the life of the product. The current LED lamps and lanterns are required to heat the device, the result is the volume increase, the cost increases.

LED lamps and lanterns at this stage is to design according to the basic elements of incandescent and fluorescent lamps, namely in addition to the luminous tube outside are according to the original lighting elements, which makes LED lighting superiority has not been able to give full play, and resulting in a higher cost. The price of LED lamp, energy-saving lamps and high pressure sodium lamp several times higher, led in the market because of higher prices and the impact on the competitiveness. So, LED lamps and lanterns, the structural style inherited the basic pattern of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, which for the purposes of the application is relatively smooth, but lost led their own characteristics, to stop opponents in the long, hard to avoid the lack of competitiveness. Therefore, only innovative design can be a way out, in order to create the future of LED.

DC power supply LED lamps

China LED lighting enterprises should make a difference in the LED application. The author thinks that if you want to create a can best demonstrate the advantages of LED lamps and lanterns, the premise is provides DC power, direct supply of LED lamps and lanterns, reduce the driving circuit, less electronic elements, the use of space for heat dissipation, lighting can be less or no radiator. If a road direct current system is provided with a power supply, the electronic circuit and the components are reduced, and the cost is saved and the service life is prolonged. At present, the AC conversion into direct current occupies about 20% of the cost of the product. Operating voltage, as long as the quality of the power supply does not affect the pressure drop can not be generated, that is, the design can meet the requirements of lighting and power supply can be.

lighting is mainly used in indoor and outdoor, outdoor lighting. These are closely related to the project construction, construction is the largest lighting market. The author suggests that it can be considered in the new building for the lighting system to provide DC low voltage power supply; at the same time in the road lighting will also be developed to take into account the DC low-voltage power supply system. This reduces the cost and LED lighting the road ahead will be more broad, believe that become the mainstream lighting is just around the corner.

application of direct current system for LED lamps, can reduce the cost of lighting products, is an innovative ideas. However, it also faces many technical problems and management issues, which are worth further discussion and thinking.