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LED, find a suitable location for yourself

From: Data:15/08/2016

everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, have their own goals and the pursuit of. We from the fertilized egg, it determines the male and female is beauty is ugly; Wah landed doomed family background and living environment; grew up when the teacher asked: you grow up want to do what? Sprout out of the initial and the pursuit of the ideal; in the growth process, social environment, parental care, school teachers, education decides the development of morality, intelligence and physique; to towards the community, the choice of the industry, business, jobs, team will determine the beginning of independent life; employment on the Road, in the face of their own choice and pursuit, laid the basic achievement in the future.

ages />, grand Wei slightly, ambition, desire for achievement a lot of big as tens of thousands of people, often get success, but only a handful. In fact these does not lack with wisdom, extraordinary ability and selfless, firm belief, but but still failed to escape the doom, does the reason where? Probably they lack is still a sense of location awareness; to self positioning, the positioning of the enterprise, target customer positioning, product positioning, market positioning, on strategy positioning and the direction positioning & hellip; & hellip; the arrival of

LED, let many enterprises in the blood surging emerging industry rash, lost. There are a lot of people, holding a trademark when brand, proposed the quality when the service, sell a product when successful, relying on experience when the standard, end funds when wealth; excessive self expansion, blood boiling, sentiment was temporarily have no two, on top of the realm. Juan still need to danger, not to mention the crisis clumps, constantly changing market environment? LED really have more, miscellaneous, chaos, lost, we may wish to be more sober, a little more clear, the current situation is more objective, more sensible. In the fierce competition on the road to success, only accurately to self positioning, know themselves, understand their own strengths, make up for the shortcomings of their own, more precisely to their target localization, familiar understand market, understand the needs, mastery of technology development and industry trends, give up some do not cut the actual direction of efforts and firm belief and stick to your goal, will succeed!