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LED channel construction also need to point what?

From: Data:15/08/2016

channel construction is the most direct manifestation of where? I think a lot of people will say terminal. In the last issue we talked about terminal building, in fact, for the lighting industry, the terminal is only the most basic part of the construction of the lighting industry channels. Terminal is king, channels victory, this is many industry follows the law, lighting industry is no exception; but, lighting because architectural function, form and space demands of different product lines from outdoor to indoor, from functional products to decorative products, from basic lighting the illume, from the atmosphere to the exotic experience, lighting in recounting the continuation of architectural design, decoration design perfect, especially the continuation of the night; therefore, the lighting will be because of the diversity of buildings and the formation of the functional classification of a variety of products, contributed to the various modes of operation, marketing channels and promotion center of gravity naturally produced bigger difference.

from the channel's angle to look at the terminal can be divided into: 1, to show the experience of engineering product channels; channels of this type is mostly reflected the value of its professional services, a relatively hidden cooperation circle is formed by the dealer's service ability and some of the professional operators, distributors rarely, less terminal shop, mainstream market share is low, but high rate of success of the project. 2, to store atmosphere, display demonstration, guide the promotion of retail channels. This type of dealers is dominated by retail, store management is relatively standardized, to open a branch or developing downline distributors, in a unified storefront management mode of, well-known brand value is high; 3, light source and functional based products are the main logistics circulation wholesale channels; dealers in the type has a largest wholesale network, product the small profits and quick turnover, generally with a single product quantity for the purpose, is mature brand through efforts to form the best effect of natural circulation. Its characteristics for the high market share, brand guide consumption, is the most famous manufacturers most want to achieve results. Of course, here can also be subdivided into hardware channels, which is the most unique sales channels in Southern China, its hardware stores throughout the streets and living areas, is the most convenient way to replace the best retail.

according to the center of gravity of the enterprise business direction different can also be divided into 4, super channel, such as light source, lamps and other consumer daily exposure to stores and metro, B & Q, IKEA and other professional building materials or household stores. 5, daily for the project to provide professional service of covert channel, which is the lighting industry the most complicated the various modes of operation for the channel. From the building function can be classified as: Municipal Administration building, financial system, fiscal system, mobile telecommunication system, the postal system, transportation system, petrochemical system, medical system, education system and other office lighting; the super system, shop chain system, commercial real estate, props and Museum exhibition and hotel system catering services, museum, print advertising and other commercial lighting; buildings, mines, power plants, industrial lighting; landscape road, bridge, square and other outdoor lighting … … from Party A from the start, the association of architectural design company, decoration design company, exhibition design, lighting design, all kinds of cold channels. The application needs of countless, is large and the lofty ideals and high aspirations and the traditional brand, a showdown? There are still the purpose to improve and enhance their strengths, weaknesses, concentration of forces, but the key breakthrough? Here, the new LED, there should be some surprises to the market and channel? Above is just the functional lighting, decorative lighting in the field there are different channels and operation mode; why do a lot of home appliance enterprises can not do a good job in the development of lighting? Because they are not really into the line, do not really know how to … …

lighting! It is to beautify the architectural form and survival, for the rendering of the environment and efforts to increase the exciting night and bloom! Never to illuminate others and silently; as a member of the lighting industry, we should respect and love the bright career, please don't put lighting products when pan building materials industry edge industries, don't take it when ordinary commodity to sell, it should be a given the high additional value of professional service! Should be a high attitude of the environmental art!

deficiencies in the hope of understanding and correct, the industry focuses on sharing!