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Teach you how to identify the positive and negative LED

From: Data:15/08/2016

for the novice to engage in LED, LED positive and negative pole is still a little difficult to distinguish between. In many LED products, we should be specific how to identify it? This has to look at the accumulation of the usual experience. Well, of course, in addition to experience, you will also learn a lot of professional technical knowledge, oh. Here is a method of identifying the positive and negative poles of LED. You can see if it is not to help you a lot of it.

technology department stressed that in the welding process, if not distinguish between positive and negative poles, then it will directly affect the light or not bright. 1, about the strawhat LED positive and negative distinction: experienced friend know strawhat LED with a straw hat light, carefully observe the LED internal two block pin, this is the LED bracket, wherein the anode bracket is relatively large, the reason is the anode bracket carrying the LED chip, the positive support of positive and negative relative relatively small! A good distinction, the easiest way is as follows: thus, the conclusion is: "visual, led, pin support is connected to the cathode bracket small link pin is positive" technology department offers another method is relatively simple, if your LED is relatively new. Pins are also sound, look directly at the pin length, can be divided out "anode pin long", according to the technical department colleagues, also used many methods to detect led positive and negative, for the novice. Using a universal table is the most simple and effective. How to use a table to detect the law, how to operate it? We look at the next: with a million in the detection of light-emitting diodes, we must use the "R * l0k" file. The tube voltage drop of the light emitting diode is about 3V, while the universal meter is in the "R * LK" and the following resistance blocks. The battery in the table is only 1.5V. Below tube pressure drop. Both positive and reverse access, light-emitting diodes are impossible to guide, it can not be detected. "R * 1K" file table inscribed with 9V (or 15V) high voltage battery, is higher than the voltage drop, so it can be used to detect the light emitting diode. Detection, two pens and respectively with the light emitting diode of two leads phase, such as more than half of the pointer deflection. Meanwhile, the light emitting diode in a shiny light, said light emitting diode is forward access, then with the black pen (and battery cathode connected connected is positive; and the red pen (and battery cathode connected connected is the anode. The two one after the exchange is connected with the light emitting diode, then reverse access needle should not move. If either positive or reverse access access, hands are not moving or at the end of the deflection, the light emitting diode has been damaged. 2, determine the 5050 patch LED negative LED patch 5050 is a comparison in LED energy-saving lamp lighting industry used to patch LED, but many users do not know how to get the 5050 patch LED welding, the reason is not to know how to distinguish 5050 led negative, today we will give us that how to distinguish between the 5050 patch LED negative, we can take the 5050 patch kind, careful observation, the 5050 patch LED is square, four square in a corner with a small corner, the place is a small circle, no other rectangular small corner, with a small corner missing the end is negative, the other end is the positive methods above are introduced! Hope can give you help
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