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Development status and trend of intelligent control for LED lighting

From: Data:15/08/2016

“ if the sights as far afield as 5 to 10 years can see a full development of intelligent LED lighting market will, of particular concern is that in the decisive battle of the intelligent lighting industry competition, Philips has already spent a long time in the layout, from the financial to the human can be described as a huge investment, and the layout of the patent enough. And we all know that the lighting control system is a high profit ”, an industry professionals said.

for the full discussion of LED intelligent lighting control system development status and trends, the current problems and future development direction of the enterprise clearly, recently, by the alliance of national semiconductor lighting project (CSA) and Chinese (East China) LED application center jointly organized by LED & ldquo; imagination wisdom ” — &mdash light; the world semiconductor lighting theme salon held in Beijing by the Au Optronics Co Langport, Sharon alliance Feng Yadong presided over the national semiconductor lighting project, on-site guests deputy general manager of Shanghai Institute of microelectronics Peking University professor Yan Zhongguang, director of the Guangdong product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, Chinese lighting room Li Zili Academy of Sciences Institute of semiconductors, deputy researcher Duan Jingyuan, Guangdong LiveView opto Technology Co., Chen Yuhong and other experts and business people, everyone The LED intelligent lighting technology status, facing main problems and the future development trend, and intelligent control system in road lighting, home applications and special areas of application from multiple angles are elaborated and interactive discussions.

intelligent LED lighting system and sensing technology

first, Beijing University Shanghai Institute of microelectronics, Yan Shigemitsu Professor doing exercises for the intelligent LED lighting system and sensing technology report, he pointed out that, in most cases, people often say that the intelligent lighting control system is refers to indoor lighting control system & ldquo; sensor is to realize intelligent lighting is important one annulus & rdquo; in the report, he briefly summarize the composition of intelligent lighting control system, and sensor +MCU+ control execution +LED= intelligent lighting. It mainly describes the concept, function, classification and application of sensors in intelligent lighting.

Yan Zhongguang professor will be divided into 4 categories: pyroelectric infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, Holzer sensors, light sensors. He mainly infrared sensors were detailed explanation, each step of the infrared self-control LED energy-saving lamp system scheme design and infrared sensor applications are described in detail, including: infrared inductive LED lamp with infrared intrusion detector, bedroom infrared automatic control switch system, building infrared induction self-control switch system. “ in a human body induction LED downlight, using pyroelectric infrared sensor to detect the infrared radiation of human body movement. So long as the human body in the detection range of crosscutting through, when the environment illumination is lower than the set start illumination induction lighting, lighting period such as to human perception will repeat delay, delay after the end of turn off the lights; and a sensor ambient illumination, users can choose the desired lighting illumination to determine the lamp in the dark or light work. & rdquo;

LED need intelligent systems, the subversion of the traditional concept of lighting

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of semiconductors, Jing Yuan Duan entitled "LED lighting intelligent control application requirement analysis and the main technical difficulty," the report clearly says: & ldquo; led not in the traditional sense of the lights and need to intelligent system with its potential, to subvert the traditional lighting concept. ”

he said: LED lights to make our world more energy saving, while the combination of LED light communication and control, may be more convenient, more environmentally friendly. LED light can be transmitted through the network signal and control signal, the signal modulated signal, complete the transmission of information and instructions. In addition to connecting the network, LED lights can also act as a variety of household electrical appliances.

especially building lighting is the most important part of the application market, he said, the energy consumption of the building is very high, some countries in Europe and the United States view of this for the development of intelligent lighting system, lighting control system, embody its advantage in energy saving and management.

for intelligent lighting control future prospects, he said, LED should not be limited to the function of lighting, led itself has a very convenient modulation and control characteristics. Based on this characteristic can be to do a wisdom center and various control information together. At the same time, in terms of health, according to the different color on human health have different implications of this theory, such will be expected to set more value, achieve more functions. & ldquo; LED lighting as a Porsche, in the muddy country road traveling speed it may little difference with the tractor, but if we fix the road, Porsche and sold with the user, will allow users to feel more convenience and enjoyment. ” he believes that LED only combined with intelligent control in order to maximize the characteristics and advantages of LED lighting to replace the traditional lighting.

intelligent office lighting the future trend of

, Guangdong liveview Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Yuhong in the future trend of intelligent office lighting of "mentioned in the report, current, intelligent lighting to promote the application of the main obstacles have three points, one is the need for complex system support, construction difficulty is big; second, the cost is too high, most of the users are difficult to accept; the third is the need for professional and technical personnel for debugging. Also, he mentions liveview photoelectric in solving the intelligent office lighting scheme also put forward their own views, such as intelligent induction and according to the need of illumination: automatic adjustment to the Weiliang state, intelligent light; can automatically adjust the indoor light perception environment according to the well-being of the environment temperature to adjust light, & ldquo; on-demand Lighting & rdquo; to reduce the waste of light, to create a good and comfortable indoor environment. Automatic adjustment of the summer light source for the cold tone, make people feel cool; winter light automatically adjust for the warm color, make people feel warm.

intelligence LED control standard system research and develop

Zili Li with the Guangdong Provincial Institute of lighting in the LED intelligent control standard system of research and development "report said, intelligent lighting and lighting system according to the general points for non universal lamp and wisdom can lighting system and general products and intelligent lighting system, including general products and intelligent lighting system among the enterprises of lighting and intelligent lighting system can replace each other, the technology is more complex, for convenience and versatility and the provisions of the unified instruction definition and format, flow. Based on LED lights on DC power supply intelligent lighting system for, LED street lamp concentrated intelligent power supply control system adopts microcomputer controller, real-time detection of power. At the same time, through the communication with the host system connection real-time remote communication, telemetry and remote control.

finally, semiconductor lighting joint innovation State Key Laboratory of Dr. Guo Cheng in the title of the development and practice of intelligent control, said: what is the purpose of intelligent control of semiconductor lighting? One is for the user and production companies to save costs, the two is to provide users with an irreplaceable function. At the same time, LED intelligent control of the development trend of what? & ldquo; intelligent control is shown and the integration of lighting and communication function, especially the high degree of integration of mobile Internet and the Internet, especially the, in the future, we will more to consider lighting control how and the mobile Internet Integration & rdquo.

State Key Laboratory of intelligent management system in the work of Dr.

Guo Cheng also introduced the State Key Laboratory of intelligent management system in LED street light work progress. He said that the semiconductor lighting joint innovation National Key Laboratory of research and development can be controlled by a single street lamp, to meet the scale of urban street lighting control requirements of the LED street light intelligent management system. Every city needs his business card, LED street lamp system has high display is an important part of the smart city, networking, can enhance the property of the government and the municipal administration ability; lighting is from traditional management to the intelligent management, from the scene of the past maintenance and troubleshooting to remote monitoring, from the paper medium management method to intelligent, electronic property management. Intelligent is the current direction of development of the city, with the changes in demand for various types of new applications will be gradually available.

, Guo Cheng also focuses on the development trend of scene illumination, such as a large international companies have begun in bulb lamp integrated communications, sensing and computing the various functions; at the same time, State Key Laboratory of in the application of LED lighting is still in development such as & ldquo; Parking Guidance & rdquo; additional features.

, we in the positive interaction agreed that led the biggest advantage is its controllability, fully reflects the concept of LED illumination energy-saving, digital implementation and lighting of value added are inseparable from the intelligent control system support. At the same time, the intelligent control system can make the LED completely get rid of the shackles of the definition of traditional lighting, and promote the transformation of the cause of green lighting. Especially for some long-term strategy led enterprises, LED lighting intelligent control field more means really enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to get rid of the market & ldquo; homogenization & rdquo; competition and price war of a piece of & ldquo; Blue Ocean & rdquo;.